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I'm a year of horse. Born in 1954 March 10. I dreamt of cloud coming through my room window toward me. When I'm about to touch the cloud, I open my eyes, I feel that the cloud just slowly disappear in front of me. This happen during Chinese New Year midnight Praying "Tian Kong". I didnt do any special prayers on that day. I hope is a good sign but yet worry it a warning sign too.

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Hi Sureent,

Did you see white cloud or dark ones?

Clouds are made of air and water, two of the four basic elements. The soul is represented by air and spirit by water. Your positive energy and idealism could be represented by white clouds and your more negative personal characteristics, and private thoughts, by dark storm.

It's a good sign if you see white cloud in dream and inauspicious if it's black.
Thank you Lily. What i saw was a white cloud. Hope get to hear good news soon!

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