Dreaming of tigers chasing me in my hometown house on and off for few months


I have this more or less the same dream for a few months.

I find myself back at my parent's home with my parents and my fiance. We are outside in the garden when a tiger attacks. In one dream the the tiger attacks a deer beside us and we all manage to run into the house. In another dream the tiger didnt manage to get the deer and attacked one of us instead. We run into the house and lock the front door and realise we didnt close the back door. I run to close the back door but too late the tiger is already coming in. We try to run in to our respective rooms and lock the door. In one dream i stay in my room and watch as the tigers roam outside the window. In another dream the tiger tries to barge into the room. In attempt to flee the tiger, i run to the window and jump out ( my original house is landed but when i jumped out of the window we had a balcony and were living high up). I jumped down almost ten floors and this scene repeats several times until the final jump was so terrifying i woke up feeling paralyzed.

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