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since few days i am having dream of going temple and praying for my love.... Some time Goat & Chicken in Temple and so many pandit doing pooja,
And another i was in a taxi and a Stranger guy was so surprise to see me and he wanted to marry me immediately and kissing me openly and exposing me with whoever we meet that he want to marry me and we were going in a temple for praying..... but i was insecure coz he was loved by so many girls. what is that signify for..
Is dream of going in temple good or bad???

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Hi Chhe,

Going in temple in dream is auspicious based on the Chinese interpretation of dream. It's a symbol of success or get engaged. You may meet your future partner soon if you are single now. If you have a partner now, this dream indicates your love life will be harmonious. Besides, this kind of dream also hints you that you could get someone's help when you are in need.
Actually i am in complicated relation, it that mean it will improve?
Yes, your worries about this complicated relation will disappear as it will be solved recently.

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