Had a dream about a crow


So I had a dream the other day the part I remember is i had to answer the door and when I did there was a crow perched righ on the divider inside the screen door(where a screen and glass would meet but there was no screen) all it did was stare at me then I stuck my hand out and got closer and as I did the crows face transformed to a human face. It looked like a face from an old statue and there was no expression. It looked like a beat up old statue. I got scared/nervous and went back in. Then I remember wanting to go back but I can't. Then I wake up.

I've been seeing crows everywhere for the past few weeks actually and that's the first time one came to me in a dream. I know this also sounds weird but when I was having sex I zoned out for a second and saw me and my sister in a car driving then we crashed and idk if either of us died, I immediately came out of it and was back to normal.

Can anyone give me some insight?

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