* The prediction is valid for 2022 (year of the Tiger) starting from Feb. 1, 2022 and lasting to Jan. 21, 2023.

People born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Ox will meet the "Tianyi" star (Celestial Great One) in 2022, which signifies that the Ox will meet their patrons in the year. Whatever happens, they can turn the inauspicious and danger into safety and peace. There will be many friends around the Ox to help them when they encounter difficulties and hardships. As such, they should cherish and value such kind of friendship. Generally speaking, the Ox guys will have a good fortune and luck this year, and their career development will go smoothly. However, there will also be some people carrying the “ominous star sign” among their friends. So, they should be wary and alert. In this year, the Ox should keep a low profile and avoid being ostentatious. Otherwise, they will be very likely to get into trouble.


In terms of financial fortune, the overall financial standing (income and expenditure) of the Ox will maintain in a stable state this year. With the help of the auspicious “Tianyi Star”, their interpersonal relationship will be very good. They will meet their patrons who help them to make a fortune based on their good interpersonal relationship. However, they should be cautious and mind the destruction and obstruction of the “evil/ill star sign”, which will inevitably cause the increase of their medical expenditure. As such, it is recommended that the Ox should take regular physical examinations to avoid the crisis of loss of money due to illness.


The Ox will have a very good luck in career in 2022. With the help of their patrons, they will the significant opportunity for them to be promoted into a higher rank and position. As long as they can grasp the opportunity, it will certainly boost their career. However, the competition will also be very fierce. If the Ox want to excel and stand out from the plenty of competitors, they have to work harder and avoid being proud and arrogant afterwards. This year, it is proper and fit for them to change a job and they will find a company that is more fit and suitable for their career development.

Love Relationship

The Ox will not have significant setbacks in love and relationship in 2022, but they will also be no major progress. If they want to maintain a good relationship with their partners, they are supposed to care more for their partners and understand and tolerate them more. The Ox people are diligent and down-to-earth, and they are also very steady and persistent in love and relationship. When they have a crush on someone, they will be brave to pursue the one. The single Ox guys will be very likely to end their singleton status in 2022.


The Ox will not suffer from serious illnesses in the year of 2022, but they may suffer from minor illnesses occasionally. In this year, some of the Ox people have the possibility of suffering cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. As such, the Ox should pay attention to the maintenance of health, smoke and drink as little as possible, do more exercise and physical examinations regularly to avoid the illnesses and diseases. They should also keep a healthy diet, and avoid too greasy food. Meanwhile, some accidents may happen this year, and it is better to be alert and careful when going out. 

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