Which Chinese Zodiac Sign Is The Luckiest?

Everyone is hoping that life can go swimmingly. The Chinese zodiac signs listed below are believed to be quite lucky, as they can get a foothold and live a wonderful life wherever they are.


Dragon was an auspicious beast in ancient China. People born in the years of Dragon have an innate grandeur, and most of them are blessed with good luck. Dragon people are of high ability in all aspects. They are smart, intelligent, lucky and serious about everything, so they can develop a good cause. With high ambitions, courage and good luck, Dragons can often make a fortune. People of Dragon sign always have money when young and make even more money in middle age. The affectionate and faithful Dragons will never forget their brothers once they get rich -- they will make money together. In this way, they can widen the range of contacts, get more support and become even richer. 


Monkeys are lively, active and able to mix with those around. They are smart, frank and straightforward, seemingly not an ounce of malice. They approach problems in a simple and clear manner, which saves them a lot of unnecessary troubles. Therefore, they will not come to grief in career and life. The adaptable Monkey people can get around anywhere. With a good interpersonal relationship, they can get help no matter in study, work, finance or life and find the life go along nicely. Whenever they are in trouble, they will be guided by someone to come out. In addition, they are smart enough to stay away from severe losses and escape danger.


People of Pig sign are sincere, kind-hearted and quite grateful. They are born with good luck, thus immune to catastrophes throughout the life. Blessed with good luck, they can always find some way of tiding over a crisis, expect everything to turn out as they wish and live a wonderful life at any time. The level-headed, steadfast and conscientious Pig people are in the good graces of their superiors. What's more, they are popular in the workplace, leading to a smooth life and successful career. Born with good luck, they can always win the bets, whether big or small; they are even more likely to win a prize in a lottery and get more chances for additional income. Their friends can't help learning from them.


Rat is another lucky sign in Chinese zodiac. The smart Rat people are of high EQ, and they can do anything with ease. When work at home, they can advance step by step and make a bright future. When go out for money, they will get a good chance to make a big fortune. Besides, people of Rat sigh are blessed with good luck for windfall and often hit by the surprise of winning a lottery or getting red envelopes!


The positive and optimistic Horses will face up any difficulties with a good attitude. Horse people would always keep smiling. As a saying goes, ''smiling brings good luck.'' Horse is a lucky sign with good fortune. People of Horse sign enjoy a great popularity and they will get a lot of help when in trouble, which is quite enviable.