2022 Chinese Horoscope For rooster

rooster Horoscope
Lucky Number: 5, 6,7, 8
Lucky Color: Yellow, Brown, White, Silver, Golden
2022 will be a year of good fortune to Rooster. Not only will they inherit and continue the good fortune of the previous year, but also the overall fortune will be on the rise due to the favor of many auspicious stars.
2022 Horoscope for rooster born in: 1969 1981 1993


* The prediction is valid for 2022 (year of the Tiger) starting from Feb. 1, 2022 and lasting to Jan. 21, 2023.
Rating: 4 stars
For people born under the zodiac animal sign of the Rooster, 2022 will be a year of good fortune. Not only will they inherit and continue the good fortune of the previous year, but also the overall fortune will be on the rise due to the favor of many auspicious stars. Their career and wealth will benefit the most from the star signs. Whatever difficulties they may encounter along the way, they will get favors from their patrons promptly and break through the obstacles. However, at the same time, there will also be the advent of many ominous stars, which is extremely detrimental to the health of the Roosters. As such, the Roosters should take it seriously. It’s better wear a Red Agate San He bracelet for Rooster to further improve your luck and bless the whole family with happiness.


Rating: 4 stars
The Roosters will have a very good financial luck in 2022. Though they will get the great favor of the auspicious stars, they still have to be alert to the ominous stars. With the advent of the auspicious stars of “Zi Wei” and “Long De”, their career will benefit a lot. In particular, the occupations related to sales, real estate and lawyers will benefit the most. People who engage in business will also benefit a lot. With the favors of the patrons, good opportunities for their personal development will increase, and they will have more customers and financial resources. It’s just that the advent of the ominous star of “Bao Bai” may bring a certain bad luck incurring loss of money. Businessmen are not advisable to engage in high-risk investment projects. Otherwise, they will encounter unexpected loss of money. For female, better wear a yellow citrine bracelet with Rooster sign in 2022 to help bring good Feng Shui and rich in financial resources. And for male, better wear a Tiger’s eye bracelet with Rooster sign or hang a Tiger's eye Pixiu pendant in the car. 


Rating: 4 stars
In 2022, with the favor and support of many auspicious stars, the Roosters will have a very good fortune in career. Whatever industries or professions they engage in, they will have a good development. For people who work for others, their career will go smoothly. Whatever difficulties and problems they may encounter, they can get timely favor and help from their patrons, and their personal talents will be exercised and displayed fully, which in turn result in promotion and salary increase. For the Roosters who are in high positions, their leadership talents will be effectively exercised, which can help them cultivate many capable talents for the company. In addition, 2022 will also be a good year for them to change jobs. Those who want to change jobs can put their plan into action. To improve luck in career in 2022, better wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Rooster sign

Love Relationship

Rating: 4 stars
Although the Roosters have an overall good fortune this year, their luck in relationship and romance will be just quite ordinary. On the one hand, auspicious stars that favor the relationship and romance will not appear; on the other hand, the career and wealth are prosperous, and most people spend all their energy and efforts on developing their careers and making money, and have no extra time and energy to manage their relationships. It will be quite difficult for them to get rid of their single status. 2022 will not be a good year for marriage. So, they are advisable to postpone their plan for marriage. The advent of the ominous star of “Bao Bai” will have a great influence on the emotions and relationships of the Roosters. The married Roosters may have a cold attitude towards their partners and lose the affection and closeness as the past. It will be very easy for a third partner to appear in their relationship. They are suggested to wear an amethyst bracelet with Rooster sign to attract good love or solve love and marriage crisis. 


Rating: 4 stars
The health fortune of the Roosters will be mixed in 2022. The ominous star of “Tian E” dominates the fortune for illness and accidents, and the Roosters will be highly likely to suffer from illness. The ominous star of “Yang Ren” and “Sha Xiong” will come into their life, and both stars are easy to cause injury to people. The power of the ominous star of “Yang Ren” is extremely great, which may cause the risk of injury and surgery for the Roosters. Fortunately, the auspicious stars will also come in 2022. The auspicious stars of "Zi Wei" and "Long De" are of great help to resolve the bad fortunes driven by the ominous stars. If the Roosters wish to improve their health luck, they will have to be careful and alert, and they could also wear lucky ornaments such as “San He (Three Harmonies)” and “Liu He (Six Harmonies)” zodiac ornaments to improve their health luck. If they often drive, they’d better hang a Tiger's eye Pixiu pendant for Good Luck and Safe Driving in 2022.

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