* Thediction is valid for 2022 (year of the Tiger) starting from Feb. 1, 2022 and lasting to Jan. 21, 2023.
In 2022, people born under the zodiac animal sign of the Pig will embrace a year of compatibility with “Tai Sui” (the Grand Duke Jupiter) as their earthly branch will achieve “Liu He” (Six Harmonies) compatibility with Tai Sui. It’s a pity that there is still “Po Tai Sui (Destruction of Tai Sui)” despite of the compatibility with “Tai Sui”. As a result of “Destruction of Tai Sui”,their work and life will encounter some changes. Everything should be prepared with the consideration of both its good and bad sides so as not to be hasty and in a hurry. However, they should not worry too much because they will be favored by many auspicious stars to help them resolve the negative effects of the “Destruction of Tai Sui”.


In 2022, the Pigs will have a good financial luck. Both incomes from their full-time resources and unexpected part-time resources will increase. This year, their career luck will be very smooth and on the rise. Their financial luck in full-time sources will improve to a great extent. Although business people have a very prosperous luck in wealth in 2022, they will still need to pay attention to the credit issues of their customers. Otherwise, they may fall into financial crisis. In 2022, the Pigs will have very clear personal inspirations and ideas, and they can carry out some low-risk investment projects, and they will all have good returns in the end.


In 2022, the Pigs will be compatible with “Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter)”, and with the advent of many auspicious stars, their overall career fortune in the Year of the Tiger will be very good. The auspicious star of "Wen Chang" will be conducive to schooling, further education and promotion. The Pigs who are engaged in civil clerk professions and industries have a clear mind and a constant stream of inspiration. For office workers, with the support of the auspicious star of “Wen Chang”, they can apply for training courses related to their work. Meanwhile, 2022 will also be an excellent year for changing jobs. Not only can they find a suitable job, but also can they get guidance and instructions from the patrons in their new job posts. It is only because they are affected by the ominous star of "Juan She", the interpersonal relationship of the Pigs will be prone to be destroyed. So, they are advisable to be cautious about gossip.

Love Relationship

In 2022, the Pigs will have a poor luck in love and relationship due to the influence of the ominous stars. The single Pigs will have a good luck in love and relationship this year, and they will have a high chance of meeting the person they like. It is only due to the influence of the ominous star of “Juan She” that they should pay attention to their personal words and wording in the process of pursuing the opposite sex. If they already have a partner in a relationship, they are advisable to hold an engagement ceremony in 2022 because there will be many ominous stars are unfavorable to relationship this year. If they do not plan to get married early, they may fall into a crisis of breakup. Married Pigs will be likely to encounter marital crisis. So, they should maintain a normal social distance with the opposite sex in life and the workplace.


Although 2022 is a year of compatibility with “Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter)” for the Pigs, there will still be too many ominous stars and no lucky stars favoring the health. The overall health fortune will not be very positive. Most good fortune brought by the auspicious stars mainly lie in the aspect of career. With the rise of the career fortune, all kinds of social banquets will increase. The Pigs have always been irresistible to food and delicacies. This year, they may pay a heavy price for excessive eating and drinking. The Pigs who are addicted to drinking and smoking have a high chance of suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes in 2022, and some people will suffer from obesity, which may harm and endanger their health.

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