* The prediction is valid for 2022 (year of the Tiger) starting from Feb. 1, 2022 and lasting to Jan. 21, 2023.

In 2022, people born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Dragon should particularly mind that under the influence of the “Destruction of Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter or Grand Commander of the Year)” in 2021, the fortune is relatively not good, and at the moment, many Dragon guys are still immersed in the previous failures and have not come out of the failures. They will be easy to be impetuous, and may be out of control in the face of difficulties and obstacles in work and daily life, incurring a lot of pressure and stress on themselves. However, their fortune will make changes and improvement in the second half of the year. The “Guo Yin (literally Stately Seal)” lucky star will bring good luck to the Dragons in the aspects of career, hence the opportunities for promotion.


In 2022, the overall career luck of the Dragon guys will be subject to test. They may be in a very confused state this year, especially at the beginning of the year, they may feel lost and don’t even know where they should head for. However, Dragons should not be discouraged. In 2022, with the help of the patron of the Guo Yin (stately seal) lucky star, they will get some good opportunities, but it will also test the abilities of the Dragon guys because such rising and promotional opportunities require a certain price in exchange such as such as job/duty transfer, or leaving home. If they want to have better development, they should think over carefully when facing opportunities, and try not to make the wrong choices just because of impulse.


In 2022, the financial luck of the Dragons will also be not good. If their income can cover their basic expenses this year, it is already acceptable and satisfactory. Some of them may also have the opportunity to buy a house or relocate. Although this is a happy event, it will also have a certain impact on the financial standing. It is also possible that they will face an financial crisis after buying a house. As such, if the Dragons want to invest in business or loans or deal with other matters, they should think it over carefully as long as it involves money.

Love Relationship

Their overall fortune in love and relationship will be relatively stable and steady this year. The single Dragon guys may reap a blessing in disguise of misfortune or adversity. In the downs of their lives, they will meet someone who can help them release and get through the downs of life and they will slowly get together. For the Dragons, the year of 2022 will be a year that requires the giving and devotion in relationship. When two persons get long, the Dragons should not be too selfish and shall not be stingy with money, and they should take the initiative to pay for the bills when dating. They also should give some gifts to their partners from time to time, which are the ways to enhance the intimacy and relationship. For Dragons who are not single, there may encounter some tests this year, and they may have some quarrels with their partners over trivial matters in life.


The health fortune of the Dragon guys in 2022 will be good. However, they may have some depression and stress in life and work, which could result in the occasional fatigue of the body. In particular, those with poor gastrointestinal problems may suffer from the recurrence of their illness. However, more attention should be paid to the health of the family. The main culprit of the ominous star sign of "Yue Sha" and "Sang Men" will have negative effects on the women in the family. Therefore, the Dragon guys should mind and pay special attention to the health of their wives and mothers.

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