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    Yearly and Monthly Chinese Horoscope for Rooster

    Yearly Horoscope for Rooster

    2018 Yearly Chinese Horoscope for Rooster
    * The prediction is valid for 2018 (year of the Dog) starting from February 16, 2018 and lasting to February 4, 2019.
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    Note: In year 2018, the people born under the Rooster sign will Harming Tai Sui 害太岁, a kind of Fan Tai Sui. Click the link to get cures: → Chinese Zodiac 'Fan Tai Sui' with Remedies

    2017 Yearly Chinese Horoscope for Rooster
    *The prediction is valid for 2017 (year of the Rooster) starting from January 28, 2017 and lasting to February 15, 2018.
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    2017/2018 Monthly Predictions for the Roosters
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    Rooster Horoscope

    Lifelong Fate of Rooster People
    As the 10th animal sign of Chinese zodiac, Rooster corresponds to You (酉) which is the tenth of the twelve earthly branches and belongs to Metal (金) in five elements. In ancient China, people attached great importance to rooster and called it "the bird of five virtues". As mentioned in Unauthorized Biography of Han Poem, the cockscomb of rooster refers to its literary virtue; the fighting feet represent the martial virtue; fighting spirit against the enemy means bravery virtue; sharing food with other roosters reflects its benevolent virtue; keeping watch at night and heralding the break of day show its honest virtue. In the folk, rooster was regarded as a mascot which could ward off evil spirits and eat all kinds of poisonous insects to remove the evil for mankind.

    Lifelong Fortune
    You people born in the rooster year are brave and confident and like to stand out. Males are shrewd and competent while females are intelligent and beautiful. Generally, you will live a smooth life: you will have a blessed youth with no lack of material things; in middle age, you can seize the opportunity for thriving family property; in old age, you will enjoy happiness and longevity and live an elegant, noble and respected later life.

    Lifelong Luck in Money Making
    Generally, you people under the Rooster sign will have good luck in making money throughout the life. Every time you feel cash-strapped, you always have an earning way to solve the crisis. However, you tend to be not content with the status quo and hope to start a business by yourself even if you have a stable income.
    Performance in Wealth
    1. You will neither deliberately restrain your consumption desire nor live frugally to save money because you believe making money is to enjoy life and you will buy anything you like.
    2. Being quick-minded, you can always dig your own resources and give play to your talents and special skills to do some part-time work to earn extra money and you like the investment project with high yields and quick results.
    3. You have a unique vision in investment and will never hesitate after being certain about an investment project, thus always accumulate wealth faster than others. For the business and stock of high investment, however, you should be careful and never invest all of your capital.
    How to Improve Wealth?
    Lucky Direction for Work Income: Northeast   
    Lucky Direction for Windfalls: East
    At ordinary times, you are suggested to wear or place Dragon, Snake or Ox mascots on your table. Also, you should often touch the lucky zodiac item you wear which will improve your luck in making money to a certain degree. Remember, never choose a rabbit or dog item. If possible, you may try to find the opportunities of making a fortune in northeast and east directions.

    Lifelong Fortune in Career
    Being foresighted, you Rooster people always have the right perspective for the future and think a little more than others; you act as planned but can't stand the monotonous work. If you can cultivate your patience, your future will be brighter.
    Performance in Career
    1. With the strong creativity, you often have novel ideas and steal a march on others; you can distinguish the future development trend and complete the work in the way others cannot think.
    2. You are determined, competent and prudent and will not waste time. Although you are ambitious, you may fail due to the unpractical goal.
    3. You can't stand the ordinary and monotonous job but the one with a sense of accomplishment. Once you find the work lacks of challenge, you will change another job.
    How to Improve Career Fortune?
    If you want to get success in career, you may communicate and get along more with people under the Dragon, Ox and Snake sign to get help for the steady rise of your career. The Wenchang Star (the God of Literature) blessing you Rooster people is in the north and you may place a Feng Shui furnishing article in this direction if you want everything goes well and wish to get promoted to a higher position.

    Lifelong Fortune in Love
    You Rooster people tend to have a quite positive attitude towards love and you can accept the other's disadvantages while loving his/her advantages. You are tolerant and generous to your lover; you will never haggle over every ounce or ask for the pay same with yours.
    Performance in Love
    1. Being quite sentimental, you like the elegant dating place and often be moved by the romantic atmosphere easily.
    2. You male Rooster love the bold and unrestrained love, demand the absolute equality and freedom and think mutual respect is necessary in love.
    3. You female Rooster are bold and open and may take the initiative to pursue the one you love; you will be extremely family-oriented after marriage but can't stand the other's strict restraint.
    How to Enjoy Happy Marriage?
    Since Dragon and Rooster are one of the six compatible groups (Liu He 六合), you are suggested to find a life partner under the Dragon sign for the best match. Besides, Ox, Snake and Rooster are one of the four compatible groups (San He 三合), you may also find a life partner under Ox or Snake sign for the favorable match. However, you Rooster are conflicting with Rabbit people and mutually harming Dog people; if your partner is under such a sign, you will have many quarrels and problems and can hardly insist on to the last, thus the unfavorable match. In addition, the lucky direction for your love is south and you may place a suitable Feng Shui item in this direction for a better luck with the opposite sex.

    You are a little crazy, often nervous and prone to digestive system diseases. In five elements, Rooster belongs to metal which represents dryness and connects with the lung. Therefore, you Rooster people always suffer from lung illness. Your lung and bronchus are prone to allergies; when the season changes, you should pay attention to the temperature and eat more food nourishing Yin and moisturizing lung. At the same time, you should be generous and open-minded rather than haggling over every ounce.

    Taboos in Daily Life
    Daily habit is a matter of great importance in life. If you Rooster attach great importance to the dos and don'ts in daily life, your fortune in all aspects will be improved a lot.
    1. Do Not Wear the Rabbit Shaped Jewelry
    Rooster corresponds to You (酉) which belongs to Metal (金) in five elements while Rabbit corresponds to Mao (卯) which belongs to Wood (木). ''酉金'' and ''卯木'' conflict with each other and form the unfavorable condition which is adverse to the improvement of your fortune.
    2. Do Not Stay with People under Rabbit and Dog Sign
    Since Rabbit conflicts with you while Dog harms you, working, falling in love or marrying them will lead to endless quarrels and failure in happy and harmonious life.
    3. Do Not Place Your Bed in Eat or Northeast
    Placing the bed in east will be the worst for you and it shall be definitely avoided because east belongs to Mao (卯) in earthly branches, which conflict with You (酉), the earthly branch of Rooster. Northeast should also be avoided because its earthly branch is Chou Yin (丑寅), which is the grave of You (酉) and should be avoided as far as possible.
    Rooster's Horoscope by Birth Time

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