Ox in Love

People with Ox as the animal sign are simple, honest, very responsible, diligent, practical, calm and down-to-earth. But they are surprisingly persistent in love relationship and would not change their mind as long as they start the relationship with the right one. Ox people do not expect to be so popular with the opposite sex and what they need is just a sincere and single relationship. 
Among the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, Ox ranks top in terms of the persistence in love. Once they set their mind on someone, they will keep pursuing and do everything for the love no matter they are loved back. 
Although people born in the year of Ox are not good at expressing their feelings and they are conservative in love and lack of romance, they can show their sincerity and win the favor of many opposite sex with their sentimental, simple, honest and persistent attitude and their wholehearted devotion to their lovers.
Despite the loyalty to love, Ox people lack of initiative and they are silent, mild on the outside but wild on the inside. Sweet words and romance are required in a love relationship. Therefore, people of Ox sign are suggested to be more passionate, take the initiative to bow down and show their care, and create a little romance for their lovers to make it last longer and be more beautiful.
How to make an Ox love you more? If you are in love with someone under the Ox sign, make sure he/she can feel your sincerity, which is the most important thing in your relationship. When an Ox starts a relationship with you, he/she would keep giving and hold a persistent attitude, so you also need to give wholeheartedly. 

Ox Man in Love

Male Oxen are mild yet stubborn inside and know clearly about what they want. In love relationship, they are the slow-type people who are prudent, gentle and fond of delicate women. They look forward to the lifelong love but often feel lost when they are in such a relationship. → Male Ox's Attitude Towards Love   

Ox Woman in Love

 Female Oxen are introverted and refrained in expressing feelings yet very serious and persistent in love. They would not publicize the relationship unless it goes steady. Hence, the good news often makes their relatives quite surprised. Besides, women under the Ox sign tend to experience several ups and downs in love when they are young, such as being deceived or stepping in others' marriage and they would not settle down unless they experience several relationships. → Female Ox's Attitude Towards Love  

How to Know an Ox is in Love with You?

Ox is a pretty pragmatic sign and people under this sign rarely become enamored, as they usually focus on work and study in most case. When an Ox does fall in love with someone, he/she would give you everything he/she has. Then, how to figure out whether an Ox is really in love with you? → How to Know an Ox is in Love with You?

Ox Love Compatibility

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