Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Ox

Ox's Best and Worst Match

Best Match: Rat, Snake, Rooster
Worst Match: Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Sheep, Dog

Among the twelve animals in Chinese zodiac, the rooster usually can make an ox's life very colorful. They both have a strong sense of devotion and like to do things with high efficiency. So, they can be best friends and partners. The rat and snake People take care of the ox well, so they can get along well with each other.

The people born in the year of the pig, monkey, tiger and the other ox can be harmonious with the ox although they are not very close enough.

The ox belongs to the earth in five elements and rabbit is wood. Because wood breaks the earth, the rabbit usually dominates the ox in career and marriage which makes the ox unhappy. It’s hard for the ox and the dragon keep a good relationship or lead a happy marriage life except they know how to praise each other. In relationship with the horse, the ox usually harms the horse by nature no matter in career or love. So, the horse people like to avoid contacting with the ox initiatively. The ox people are usually dull which makes the dog people don’t like them. Also, they have few in common that makes them hard to get along well. The ox people don’t like the sheep’s tenderness and the sheep don’t like the ox’s stubborn character, so they have many disputes if being together.

Male Ox's Relationship Compatibility

For Male Ox Match Score Note
Male Ox + Female Rat 90 You are a mutually-beneficial couple that each takes what he/she wants according to one's needs.
Male Ox + Female Ox 85 You have too much in common, so you will certainly live a happy life together.
Male Ox + Female Tiger 60 You have little in common. You may come together because of novelty.
Male Ox + Female Rabbit 50 You are a couple that needs frequent communication and adjustment to make your marriage happy.
Male Ox + Female Dragon 55 There will be many quarrels and conflicts between you because of your distinct personalities and stubbornness.
Male Ox + Female Snake 90 You have a blissful marriage, and your love will last forever.
Male Ox + Female Horse 50 You can't be an ideal match, since it's hard for you to cooperate harmoniously and to understand each other.
Male Ox + Female Sheep 30 There may be full of unification and division in your marriage life, and you are often not prepared for the disagreements between you.
Male Ox + Female Monkey 60 You have common eagerness for a successful career and wealth accumulating, but you don't have a consistent way to achieve it.
Male Ox + Female Rooster 90 Your combination will be full of happiness.
Male Ox + Female Dog 50 You have disagreements which lie in different personalities and opinions.
Male Ox + Female Pig 85 You make a very suitable match based on your good personalities.

Female Ox's Relationship Compatibility

For Female Ox Match Score Note
Female Ox + Male Rat 95 You have a tacit agreement with each other, and both are willing to share more responsibilities.
Female Ox + Male Ox 85 You have too much in common, so you will certainly live a happy life together.
Female Ox + Male Tiger 60 You are a couple lacking synergy. There are many contradictions in your personalities.
Female Ox + Male Rabbit 50 You are a couple that requires mutual trust and encouragement.
Female Ox + Male Dragon 50 Both of you have a careful and obsessional character. To come together, both of you have to make big compromise.
Female Ox + Male Snake 90 You are a good match that can stick to each other through all life's ups and downs.
Female Ox + Male Horse 50 You are a good match that can stick to each other through all life's ups and downs.
Female Ox + Male Sheep 40 You are a couple that needs common efforts and change in order to coexist in peace and harmony.
Female Ox + Male Monkey 55 It's hard for you to get along well if you don't understand each other.
Female Ox + Male Rooster 90 You are a couple that will have a long life of happiness together and be admired and praised by everyone.
Female Ox + Male Dog 60 You are both loyal, careful and responsible to your marriage, but need to better understand each other and to make moderate compromise when necessary.
Female Ox + Male Pig 70 You are really gone on each other, but you need a long mutual accommodation period to make your relationship better due to your different life experiences.

Best Matches Based on Ox's Birth Month

Following are best matches for the ox people born in different months. For example, if you were born in March and you are a girl, then your best match zodiac sign is the Snake.
Birth Month of the Ox Personality of the Ox Girl's Match Boy's Match
Jan. creative Dragon Dog
Feb. contradictory Tiger Sheep
Mar. self-asserted; act arbitrarily Snake Rooster
Apr. persistent Rooster Rabbit
May. changeable; quicksilver Tiger Rabbit
Jun. having dual personality Tiger Pig
Jul. stubborn Rooster Sheep
Aug. sociable Snake Pig
Sep. intelligent; quick-witted Horse Rabbit
Oct. open-hearted and upright Dog Monkey
Nov. having a strong planning ability Any Any
Dec. flexible with high adaptability Rat Rooster

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