1961 Chinese Zodiac – Metal Ox

Year of the Metal Ox

People born in the year of 1961 (Feb. 15, 1961 - Feb. 04, 1962) which is Xinchou Year are members of the Metal Ox. For those born before Feb. 15, 1961, they belong to the zodiac animal of Metal Rat.

Personality and Horoscope for the Metal Ox

Metal oxen born in 1961 are active, so they often live a busy life and almost forget food and sleep all day. Generally, they are popular among people and highly praised by others. Since they attach too much importance to friendship and they are very compassionate, they are always used by the people with ulterior motives. So they need to listen to others' advices to avoid from being cheated.

Metal oxen often have disasters in youth but live a comfortable and long life in old age. Also, they have weak kinship, so they have to rely on themselves for a lot of things.

Metal oxen have rich experience in love and they are popular among the opposite sex due to their good fellowship, so it's easy for them to have one-night stand or extramarital love. Also, they need to be careful about love triangle. The married metal oxen need to handle emotional problems properly and the husband and the wife should respect and tolerate each other, otherwise, there will be a third party. Female metal oxen are good at housekeeping and neighborhood, thus they are usually gentle and good wives.

Due the lack of saving money, metal oxen cannot accumulate the wealth, so they need to buy some real estate for value preservation when they have money.

Metal oxen have favorable luck in wealth but they are short of financial management concepts, just like water oxen, so they spend quickly although they earn more and it's hard for them to accumulate wealth. Therefore, they should buy some fixed assets or value-preserving items like gold and silver jewelry when they have good luck in wealth.

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