Personality Traits of Ox


1. Prudent, follow procedures step by step, take things slowly, unlikely to be influenced by others or environment, do things out of personal idea and ability, go ahead steadily and surely, always can achieve the set goals.
2. Upright, honest, diligent, motivated, with extraordinary determination and of great endurance.
3. Consider carefully before taking any action, start and end well, firm faith and strong body.
4. Aspiring, ambitious, highly responsible, work and family-oriented, conservative and show respect to tradition.
5. Upright, unsophisticated, unwilling to disguise and compassionate.


1. Stubborn, self-opinionated, persist their old ways, deaf to others advice and foolhardy.
2. Unsociable and inflexible.
3. Silent, cannot fully express inner feelings, like to express in a quiet and indirect way.
4. Walk the chalk, haggle over every ounce and unapproachable.

Male and Female Ox Personality

Male Ox Personality: Male Oxen are mature, steady and trusted by others. It is in their nature to be down-to-earth and unemotional. Also, they are very confident yet snooty and short on enthusiasm and enthusiasm.
Female Ox Personality: Female Oxen are very practical in life. They know how to analyze problems rationally and they are gentle, cultivated and understanding yet have no sense of humor. Perhaps you may find they are boring, but they just could win the trust and support easily and succeed through their own efforts.

Ox People's Personality by Five Elements

The Ox people of different elements have different personalities. Click the following links to get personalities for five types of Ox.
Wood Ox: 1925 (Jan. 24, 1925 - Feb. 12, 1926) or 1985 (Feb. 20, 1985 - Feb. 08, 1986)
Water Ox: 1973 (Feb. 03, 1973 - Jan. 22, 1974)
Metal Ox: 1961 (Feb. 15, 1961 - Feb. 04, 1962)
Earth Ox: 1949 (Jan. 29, 1949 - Feb. 16, 1950) or 2009 (Jan. 26, 2009 – Feb. 13, 2010)
Fire Ox: 1937 (Feb. 11, 1937 - Jan. 30, 1938) or 1997 (Feb. 07, 1997 - Jan. 27, 1998)

Ox People's Personality by Blood Types

Ox People Born in Different Periods of a Day

The ox people born in different periods of a day have different personalities and fortune:

The ox people born in the morning are a little impatient and short-tempered in personality. Like the ox, although seems to be docile and gentle, they are impudent when lose temper. Hunting peoples in Africa all know that, the most unnerving and scary animals are not lions and tigers, but the wild ox. This nature shows greatly from the ox person born in the morning. So they are usually bull-headed.
The life and fortune for the ox people born at noon are good. They usually act sure-footedly, march forward courageously and never tried to cheat or taking risks. So, their middle and old ages will be smooth benefited from the hard work of early years. No matter men or women born during this period of time, they are thrifty housekeepers and have good plan in daily life. Especially for the female ox, they are usually good wives and don't pursue flauntiness.

The ox people born during the evening are more sluggish and passive when acting, which thought to be clumsy as the ox. They usually obey the orders of the superiors well without having enterprise or drive in work. Due to this, they usually get few achievements thus fall behind others in this competitive society. However, they are kindhearted, optimistic, contented in poverty and devoted to things spiritual, and never scramble for power and profit. These all make them very easy to get along with.

Detailed Character Analysis of Ox

Ox plays great important role in people's life. Without the Ox's hard work in agriculture, human society couldn't make such a rapid progress. As the ox act slowly but having a strong will and are industrious, the people born in the year of the ox also have these kinds of nature. No matter how terrible the surroundings are and what other people say, they usually go forward to do things step by step and finish finally.

The ox is one of ruminant animals. They need to munch repeatedly for a long time without swallowing hastily when eating in order to digest the food completely. This is the same with the people under the ox sign. They like to think hard and ponder repeatedly for a long time before taking actions. Because of this, they are thought to be the kind of people thinking too much and too much questions. However, once begin to act; they will carry it off courageously without a hitch and rest.

No matter at what time, Ox people always make others feel they are upright and honest. From the perspective of birth hour, those born in the day are more positive and aggressive than those born in the quiet night. Similarly, those born in summer will live a more relaxed and wealthy life than those born in winter.

They are patient and tireless workers and unwilling to take shortcuts. Also, they are quiet, have strong moral values and dignity, and will never achieve their purpose through unfair means.
People born in Ox years are self-reliable and they don't like to ask help from others, so that others have to ask them to accept the service.

Since Ox people are stable and reliable, they are often trusted by authorities and leaders while they are born with leadership, good at self-discipline but sometimes too strict.

Ox people are unsophisticated and always show soldierly manners, thus unsuitable for the work of PR relation but the fine work which can show their merits.

Sense of Responsibility
With a high sense of responsibility, Ox people always make others feel they are reliable and will generally finish the things they promise to others on schedule. Although the male Oxen often make others feel boring, they are beloved and supported by people because they are dependable and make others feel assured for the things handed over to them.

Generally, Ox people are not good at expressing their inner thoughts but it doesn't mean they are introverted. On the contrary, they are outgoing and passionate in daily life but don't want to show their true inner thoughts in front of others. This embodies their perseverance. No matter what setbacks they meet in life, they will hold on and never make people caring about them worry.

However, Ox people are not humorous, especially men, even if in love, so they often make others feel they are indifferent. If you can really understand them, you will find their indifferent and humorless attitude doesn't mean they don't know romance; they prefer to speak with facts, and are generally pragmatic, making others feel down-to-earth. So, you should give priority to the real life rather than the tenuous illusion in dealing with them.

Oxen are not good at expressing their inner thoughts because they don't fully know you, which is a kind of perseverance and prudence. They are discreet in dealing with people and afraid to offend others; because of the cautious personality, they tend to have more confidence in doing things and will finish the things perfectly though very slowly.

Poor Adaptability
With poor adaptability, they lack the competence to accept new things quickly and they are conventional in daily life as they don't like to change and can hardly accept changing new jobs and residential places frequently. After getting along with them for a long time, you will find that they are very much dependent on work, afraid of being fired and looking for a new job.

Follow Procedures
The diligent Oxen are conventional and conservative. In particular, they like to follow procedures at work and do the same thing without their own thinking. Also, they are unwilling to ask for advice. Besides, they are a little stubborn, deaf to other's advice, unsociable and inflexible, sometimes even self-abased and silent, which are very harmful to their development.

Another shortcoming of Ox people lies in that they are dictatorial and like to take their own road. They are not good at listening to the advice of others, and will not change for others even if take the wrong direction and more detours. Perhaps, this is because they don't like dealing with people but act independently without seeking company.

Generally, Ox people will achieve success through personal strivings and try their best to do everything. However, their behavior pattern is unitary and they don't know how to do flexibly. The hidebound personality makes them go much slower than others.