Rat people of O-type blood are outgoing, honest, faithful and sociable, thus have a lot of friends. However, they are rather stubborn for something and straightforward, which makes them offend others easily. Male Rats of O-type blood are gentle and reserved while females are bold and slightly masculine.


Rats of O blood type are optimistic, cheerful, amiable, sociable, helpful, kind, upright, and quite admirable. They are generally honest, principle-abiding, open and aboveboard, and good at handling relationships, thus have many friends. They lay emphasis on manners, respect leaders, and know how to pacify subordinates. Though reserved and prudent, O-type Rats do not lack of humor. At work, they are down-to-earth, pursue excellence and often achieve excellent results. With an economical mind, they are adept in investment, rarely waste, usually have certain accumulation in youth, and live a well-off life in middle age. In a love relationship, they are actively involved regardless of gain and loss and good at expressing their feelings, thus unlikely miss a relationship because of silent attitude. In the circle of friends, O-type Rats often play the role of opinion leader because their friends are willing to let them uphold justice, making them develop a leadership temperament as time passes.


Highly proud, they desperately need the respect of others, can hardly bear any disrespect to them and would ask for a statement for any disrespect, thus spend a lot of time. Since they often put themselves in leadership positions, they value the personal images and make others feel unnatural and unapproachable. Once Rat people of O blood type meet with setbacks, they are ashamed to tell others and get used to digest the sense of frustration by themselves, thus very painful. Because the pursuit of perfection, they do everything meticulously and run into entanglement inevitably. In the meantime, they are workaholic and often ignore loved ones and family because of work, making the family dissatisfied.


O-type Rats are suggested to keep a low profile in communicating with friends and colleagues and slightly lower the requirements on themselves; laugh away the offensive behavior and ask for help from friends and support from family once meet with setbacks, so as to pour out the inner bitterness and relax. Male O-type Rats are suggested to have a bold and vigorous wife to complement each other and live together till old age; female Rats of O-type blood, quite enterprising and career-oriented, may marry a gentle, considerate, and family-oriented man who can bear hardship without complaint, live in harmony and grow old together.

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