Careers for Ox

The people under the Ox sign are generally simple, honest, practical, diligent, persistent, kindhearted, modest, sincere and responsible. They usually seriously carry out every word they say at work and honor credibility. Even if they encounter some difficulties, they will break through the barrier and hold on straight to the end with their persistence. However, the Oxen tend to be stubborn and barely break the routine.
● Suitable Jobs for Ox 
Lawyer, doctor, nurse, teacher, editor, author, accountant, social worker, writer, computer operator, policeman, technician, politician, office clerk, government officer, consultant, entrepreneur, art designer etc.
Work Partners for Ox
→ Best Work Partners: Rat, Rooster, Snake
→ Good Work Partners: Rat, Pig 
→ Not Bad Work Partners: Horse, Sheep
→ Bad Work Partners: Horse,Sheep
● Best Age to Start a Business:30 - 40
● Best Career Field: Marketing
● Best Business to Do: Building Materials Store, Decoration Shop
● Best Direction for Career: South, Southwest, Northeast

Suitable and Ideal Jobs for Ox

Jobs Ox Are Interested in
What the Ox need is a stable job which they are interested in. Only in the stable working environment, can the steadfast Oxen truly realize value and pursuit of life. Once the Oxen throw themselves into work, they will make the best of it.
Professional and Technical Jobs
Since the Oxen people can always hold on straight to the end, the jobs with expertise are suitable for them. Through long-term efforts, they will get social recognition and fulfill their own needs. The suitable jobs for Oxen include doctor, lawyer, writer, social worker, entrepreneur and office clerk.
Charity Work
Refined and cultured, the Oxen seldom lose temper. Even if they lose once in a while, they are reluctant to kick up a fuss. Once they have a dispute with someone, they will exercise forbearance and try to finish the work earlier. They belief in life is to get along well with everyone. Besides, they never try to steal the spotlight or draw water to their own mill. Therefore, charity and social work are also suitable for Oxen.
Teaching Work
Being broad-minded, they will forgive rather than blame someone who makes a mistake. As a result, they are quite popular and can get along well with everyone around. With great patience, they may become a good teacher.
In addition, following jobs are also suitable for the Ox:
Confront with others to solve things directly.
Competitive work in which no one wants to lag behind.
They can always faithfully comply with the work given by others and try their best to finish it.

Best Career Field for Ox: Marketing

They are sociable and keen on practical skills. Seemingly quite in daily life, the Oxen are actually eloquent in communication and good at talking and getting along with others. Once they apply the strengths in the realm of sales, they will succeed and make a lot of money, because no one can resist your eloquence and they can sell your products easily – this is an ability envied by many people. Therefore, they will accomplish a lot in the realm of sales.

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