Monthly Horoscope For ox

Chinese Lunar September: Sep 26, 2022 to Oct 24, 2022
This month's horoscope will turn better. Only when you concentrate on your career and manage it steadily can you enter a new stage. In addition to hard work, you also need to be mindful and cope with all motions by remaining motionless to prevent your credit from being taken away by colleagues. Blessed both in salary and windfall, you can invest boldly to make a profit and will be more likely to win a lottery. Lucky in love, you still need to care more about your lover to further develop the relationship.

Note: The Chinese zodiac monthly horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The months below refers to the Chinese lunar months. The dates in brackets are the corresponding dates in Gregorian calendar.

January (February 1st - March 2nd, 2022)
The Ox will be generally lucky in January in 2022, and they won’t have a good wealth luck. They also need to try not to invest this month. Otherwise, they will be very likely to be trapped.  
February (March 3rd – March 31st, 2022)
In February, the Ox's fortune will be very low. Not only will they have little considerable income, but they may also be unable to make ends meet due to living expense and blind consumption.
March (April 1st – April 30th, 2022)
In March, it will be difficult for the Ox to find a job they like. So, even if they are not satisfied with their current jobs, they should not have any thoughts of leaving and resignation. They can wait until their fortune is stable. Then, make considerations and plans for changing jobs. Meanwhile, they may suffer financial losses. As such, they are supposed to take care of their personal wealth properly and be cautious of deception.
April (May 1st - May 29th, 2022)
In April, the fortune of the Ox in all aspects will be improved. They will have a relatively good performance in their work. In the daily life, they can also get along well with their friends very happily, solve each other’s problems, and share their happiness and sorrows with each other. 
May (May 30th- June 28th, 2022)
The most important thing for the Ox to particularly note in May is their own health problems. They may suffer some headaches, colds or fever probably due to seasonal weather change or various reasons, which will seriously affect their working state.
June(June 29 – July 28th, 2022)
In June, the Ox may experience some changes in their jobs. They may be transferred out of some positions they do not like, and may also be dispatched on business trips. When traveling on business, they should take care of personal safety.
July (July 29th – August 26th, 2022)
In July, the Ox will make steady progress in all aspects. They will be able to get along well with their colleagues and supervisors, and also have a very compatible working relationship with them. Certainly, they should take special care of details and particulars at work.
August (August 27th – September 25th, 2022)
In August, the Ox may have more complicated work assignments, and the busy and chaotic work state will make the Ox have some changes in their mentality. They need to positively adjust their emotions and fac the work pressure in the right and positive manner.
September (September 26th – October 24, 2022)
In September, the career development of the Ox may be hindered, and they may be in a difficult situation. Being isolated and helpless will make them face great challenges.
October (October 25 – November 23rd, 2022)
In October, the Ox will have a good luck in wealth. They will be able to get a fortune, and hard efforts at work can also bring them good returns. However, in this month, they should be cautious of some accidents and disasters.
November (November 24th – December 22nd, 2022)
In November, the Ox will perform well at work, but they may suffer financial loss due to some problems such as paying traffic penalty tickets due to their vehicle violation of traffic regulations. Additionally, they need to pay attention to their health this month. 
December (December 23rd, 2022 – January 21st, 2023)
In the last month of the year, the most important thing for the Ox to note is that they need to be more careful in everything, without any negligence. Otherwise, they will be very likely to be treated as the scapegoat to take the blame. In serious case, it will affect their work performance and bonus. As such, in the daily work, they need to take special care.
January (February 12th – March 12th, 2021)
2021, a year of metal Ox, is the Ben Ming Nian (Zodiac Year of Birth) for Ox people. In January, the overall fortune will remain stable, and your fortune in career can be improved to a certain extent, seeing better capacity for work and greater stress. As your health declines, you should take care of yourself while working.
February (March 13th – April 11th, 2021)
The negative effect produced by Ben Ming Nian as well as the inauspicious star Jie Sha in the 2nd lunar month will undermine your fortune in career and health. As a result, you will find it harder to work and easier to make mistakes at work. Also, you can often feel tired and sick, for which you should look out.
March (April 12th – May 11th, 2021)
Ox's fortune in March can be rather stable. At least, you are less likely to have bad luck. Meanwhile, the auspicious star Tian De will assist you and bring you help in the workplace, so that you will find it much easier to carry out work than before. 
April (May 12th - June 9th, 2021)
In April, you need to focus attention on wealth aspect as it tends to decline this month, leading to the decrease in income and the increase of stress in life. Then you will be in real trouble of money losses. Fortunately, you can enjoy health and keep in a good state of mind.
May (June 10th- July 9th, 2021)
Health is what you should be concerned about in May, as the inauspicious star Fu Shi can cause the decline in health horoscope and make you easier to catch an illness or get injured by chance. Besides, you will be blessed in career and get more dedicated and motivated to work. 
June (July 10th - August 7, 2021)
Due to the auspicious star Wu Qu in charge of wealth, you may get a pleasant surprise and reap a windfall during your animal year. Of course, you should be able to seize the opportunity and once you miss it, you can hardly have such a good luck again in this year.
July (August 8th – September 6th, 2021)
July can be a tough month for you due to the negative effect by Ben Ming Nian and the inauspicious star Jian Feng. You will be prone to get sick and suffer money losses, feeling very stressful in finance. Therefore, this month is more about stress in life for you.
August (September 7th – October 5th, 2021)
This month, Ox's good luck for wealth mainly lies in sidelines. Therefore, your income will be increased to a certain extent, but you can not take it lightly since this kind of income is rather risky. In addition, the fact of Ben Ming Nian also needs you to be cautious in the pursuit of wealth.
September (October 6th – November 4th, 2021)
In the 9th lunar month, what you should focus on will be health because the worse horoscope can make you fall ill. Once you have some discomfort, just seek medical advice. Meanwhile, you will be lucky in making money yet not suggested to sacrifice your health for work, or the good fortune won't do any good. 
October (November 5th – December 3rd, 2021)
Your overall horoscope in October can be fairly good, and best of all will be your health. Compared with the previous month, your health will get better and better and there can be little risk of illness. 
November (December 4th, 2021– January 2nd, 2022)
Because of the auspicious star Yi Ma, the 11th lunar month can be hard and your capacity and experience will be improved very quickly. Yet, this process may bring you no financial reward. Moreover, the inauspicious star Sui Po will increase your expenditure and even cause financial losses to you. 
December (January 3rd, 2022 – January 31st, 2022)
In the last month of Ben Ming Nian, you can still feel rather stressful in life, which mainly comes from finance. Not only your income will decrease but also accidents will take place in the process of making money. Instead of earning, there can be losses and bad fortune.