1925, 1985 Chinese Zodiac – Wood Ox

Years of the Wood Ox

People born in the year of 1925 (Jan. 24, 1925 - Feb. 12, 1926) or 1985 (Feb. 20, 1985 - Feb. 08, 1986) which is Yi Chou Year are members of the Wood Ox. For those born before Jan. 24, 1925 or Feb. 20, 1985, they belong to the zodiac animal of Wood Rat.

Personality and Horoscope for the Wood Ox

Wood oxen are merciful, upright, easy-going and generous, and they have the courage to face difficulties. Being righteous and courageous, they like to defend against injustice and fight for the weak against the strong, and they can take good care of their friends selflessly. However, wood oxen are often too strong-minded, straightforward and upright, thus usually offend people or being used, which is their disadvantage. In addition, wood oxen are impatient; although they learn a lot of knowledge, they only master little, so they need to restrain themselves to get a lot more.

Wood oxen are born to be conservative, and they are stable, delicate mind sensitive, making people feel they are elegant. But they are not good at expressing themselves, especially in love. Because of their stubborn personality, they are unlikely to express their inner passion, so it's hard to walk into their inner world.

Being introvert and unsocial, wood oxen are so stubborn that they never give in. If they can be down-to-earth, they will make some achievements. Also, wood oxen always take the trifles to their heart and they are not straightforward. If they can change their disadvantages and try to make improvements, they will be successful in career.

Generally, wood oxen are unlikely to get a lot of heritage and they need to rely on themselves. But they have favorable luck in wealth, especially in middle age, and they may succeed if they can make wise use of opportunities. They always get help from others when they are in troubles. In addition, they lack fast luck in wealth, so they'd better not engage in speculative industry or guarantee for others.

Wood oxen should pay attention to the following: first, don't fall into the bad habit of gambling; secondly, don't dispute with others because of money matters or lend money to others; thirdly, buy some practical items; fourthly, don't quarrel with the lover because of daily affairs. The married wood oxen should not quarrel with their lovers for the sake of their children and they should cherish their love and their family, and communicate more with their lovers and family members.

Personalities and Future Predictions for the Ox of Other Elements:
Water Ox: 1973 (Feb. 03, 1973 - Jan. 22, 1974)
Metal Ox: 1961 (Feb. 15, 1961 - Feb. 04, 1962)
Earth Ox: 1949 (Jan. 29, 1949 - Feb. 16, 1950) or 2009 (Jan. 26, 2009 – Feb. 13, 2010)
Fire Ox: 1937 (Feb. 11, 1937 - Jan. 30, 1938) or 1997 (Feb. 07, 1997 - Jan. 27, 1998)

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