2022 Chinese Horoscope For sheep

sheep Horoscope
Lucky Number: 3, 4,5, 6
Lucky Color: Red, Purple, Yellow, Brown
The Sheep will have a very good fortune in the year of 2022. Not only will they get rid of the negative influence of the Fan Tai Sui last year, but also gain a lot of support and favor from many auspicious stars.
2022 Horoscope for sheep born in: 1967 1979 1991


* The prediction is valid for 2022 (year of the Tiger) starting from Feb. 1, 2022 and lasting to Jan. 21, 2023.
Rating: 4 stars
People born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Sheep (or the Goat) will have a very good fortune in the year of 2022. Not only will they get rid of the negative influence of the Fan Tai Sui (Clashing Tai Sui, the Grand Duke Jupiter or the Command of the Chinese astrology) last year, but also gain a lot of support and favor from many auspicious stars. Their overall fortune will be very good and strong. In particular, their fortune in career and love will be on the rise, and they will have a fruitful result in career and love. However, when everything goes smoothly, there will be a company of ominous stars, and things will be prone to change, and the Sheep guys shall not relax their vigilance. It’s better to wear a red agate San He bracelet for Sheep to ward off the evil spirit and bless the whole family with happiness and good luck in 2022.


Rating: 4 stars
In 2022, people under the zodiac animal sign of the Sheep will have a mixed financial fortune. There will be many ominous stars that are unfavorable for the Sheep to make fortunes. As such, the Sheep guys are supposed to be mentally prepared. On the positive side, the Sheep guys will gain the favor of the auspicious stars of “Yue De” and “Tian Xi” in the Year of the Tiger, and their full-time financial incomes will be on the rise, and even get doubled; on the negative side, there will be the advent of many ominous stars in the life of the Sheep such as the ominous star of “Xiao Hao (小耗,literally “Small Loss”). Although it may only incur small losses, the sum of many small losses will contribute to a huge amount of money. Therefore, the Sheep guys are supposed to manage their wealth cautiously and allocate their wealth properly. For female, better wear a Yellow Citrine Bracelet with Pi Xiu in 2022 to help bring good Feng Shui and rich in financial resources. And for male, better wear a Tiger’s eye bracelet with Pi Xiu or hang a Tiger's eye Pixiu pendant in the car. 


Rating: 4 stars
In 2022, the career fortune of the Sheep will be very strong, which is related to the help of many auspicious stars. When the auspicious star of “Yu Tang” (玉堂) prevails, the personal talents will be recognized. For office workers and clerks, with the help of the lucky star of “Yu Tang”, they can fully exercise and display their personal talents and get their boss’s appreciation and value. Meanwhile, the auspicious star of “Yue De” (月德) will be conducive to the promotion of the interpersonal relationship. Therefore, the Sheep guys will have a harmonious interpersonal relationship this year, and their career will go smoothly and all difficulties encountered will be resolved under the favor of the patrons. To further improve your luck in career in 2022, better wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Sheep sign

Love Relationship

Rating: 4 stars
The overall relationship fortune of the Sheep guys will be good in 2022. Especially for the unmarried persons, they will be expected to enjoy a sweet love life this year. For those Sheep guys who are in a stable relationship, they can propose to their partners to get married and they may even have children by the end of the year.  The single Sheep guys may have the opportunity to meet their significant others. The most compatible zodiac animal signs with the Sheep are the Horse, Rabbit and Pig.  If the Sheep guys know some people of the opposite sex under these zodiac animal signs, they can approach and interact with them more frequently. The prosperous romance luck is not all good for married people. The rising romance luck will increase the chances of temptation and extramarital affairs, and if they cannot contain and control their emotions, it may harm and destroy their existing marital life. They are suggested to wear an amethyst bracelet with Sheep sign to attract good love or solve love and marriage crisis in 2022. 


Rating: 4 stars
People born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Sheep will have a very good health fortune. On the one hand, they will get rid of the influence of Fan Tai Sui (Offend “Tai Sui”, the Grand Duke Jupiter) in the previous year. On the other hand, there will be many lucky stars to help them. The overall fortune will be on the rise, and there will be no major surprises and accidents. For those guys suffering from chronic diseases, if they pay attention to the maintenance and personal care for themselves, they will be very likely to get recovered completely. At the same time, under the influence of the ominous stars of “Si Fu (死符Death Symbol),  the Sheep guys may encounter death and funerals;  For those Sheep guys having elderly members in the families, they should care more about the health conditions of the elderly family members. The ominous star of “ Ban An” (扳鞍 literally, “Pulling Saddle”) will take charge of accidental injuries and disasters. As such, the Sheep guys shall not travel on business or travel long distances to incur risks of injuries. They can wear a green agate bracelet with Sheep sign to keep good healthy in 2022. If they often drive, they’d better hang a Brass Copper Gourd Car Rearview Car Mirror Hanging Ornament (for male) or Natural Mahogany Lotus Car Rearview Mirror Hanging Ornament (for female) for Good Luck and Safe Driving. 

Good Luck Charms for sheep

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