1973 Chinese Zodiac – Water Ox

Year of the Water Ox

People born in the year of 1973 (Feb. 03, 1973 - Jan. 22, 1974) which is Gui Chou Year are members of the Water Ox. For those born before Feb. 03, 1973, they belong to the zodiac animal of Water Rat.

Personality and Horoscope for the Water Ox

Water oxen born in 1973 are tough and hardworking, and they don't like to bring trouble on themselves and have a sense of justice, thus good leaders. However, sometimes they think they are clever, so they judge the things subjectively and don't listen to others' opinions and suggestions, thus suffering losses. If they cooperate or marry the one born in the years of rat or snake, they will get more help in work and career.

Water oxen rely on their strength rather than luck. With knowledge, professional skills and artistic skills, they generally make a living as a scholar, teacher, doctor, religionist, etc., but they experience many ups and downs in life due to their complex personality and they need to avoid family decline. Male water oxen get help from their wife and have great development in career; female water oxen are usually stubborn, so it's difficult for them to have a good marriage and they need to be careful for sharing their husband with the other women.

Water oxen attach great importance to their social status and personal wealth, and they are very practical, so they would not spend their time and energy on meaningless persons and things, thus often lose a lot of precious friendships. If they can establish good interpersonal relationships in peacetime and use these relationships when the opportunity comes, they can smoothly achieve the goals with their inherent endurance.

In terms of love, water oxen are very popular among the opposite sex and they often have a happy marriage. Since water oxen are very persistent in love and they always seize the opportunity when they meet the loved one, they usually win their love successfully once they make great efforts.

Water oxen are short of financial management concepts, so they spend quickly although they earn more. Water oxen often make a fortune with the help from their friends who may introduce part-time jobs or small business to them but have little opportunity in windfalls.

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