Which Chinese Zodiac Sign Is The Smartest?

Of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, which are the smartest? Are you on the following list?


Snake is a calm and even a little indifferent sign in Chinese zodiac. People of Snake sign are indeed intelligent and smart. They are clear-sighted enough in life and good at thinking. Also, they are very intelligent and full of mystery when get along with others -- never show off in front of any people in any situation. In daily life, they can be as flexible as they need to be and make the most appropriate choice according to the situation. Snake people are so clever that they would never put themselves in an awkward position.


Rooster is a smart sign of sagacity. Those of Rooster sign are good at gauging people's mind and finding business opportunities in life and they know how to judge a person. Rooster people have a tendency to show off and they would find one way or another to show how excellent they are. Full of wicked ideas, they are adaptable to circumstances, decisive in doing things and able to control everything. As a result, the smart Roosters are the kind of people who can make great things.


It is widely known that Monkey is a smart sign -- they are active and capable of handling all sorts of complicated human relations. With a remarkable EQ and IQ, Monkey people tend to enjoy a great popularity and make a living with brain. Monkeys have "farsighted" wisdom, "well-regulated" courage and sharp eyes to judge the future. Generally speaking, they are very enlightened, and would never let the good luck in hand slip away!


Pig is a simple and honest sign. It seems that people of Pig sign compete for nothing but this is exactly where their wisdom lies. Pig people are the absolute wise men -- they can take the upper hand quietly in many times and never express their emotions. They can regulate their emotions and behave like a man of great wisdom who appears slow-witted, which is for everyone to learn.