2017 Horoscope for the Ox Born in 1985

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    Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between February 20, 1985 and February 8, 1986. If you were born before February 20, 1985, your Chinese zodiac sign is Rat. Please consult 2016 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope for the Rat Born in 1984.

    2017 Horoscope Forecast

    The prediction is valid for 2017 Year of the Rooster which is from January 28, 2017 to February 15, 2018.

    You Oxen born in 1985 will encounter extreme fortune changes in 2017: some may have very good fortune and greatly improved material life; some may have accidents and hidden troubles and easily suffer an injury if not careful enough. That is to say, you Oxen born in 1985 will have obvious changes in fortune which should be treated differently.

    The career development is not a big issue for you Oxen born in 1985 due to your stable working attitude and personality and excellent toughness, so you can complete the work no matter how difficult it is. What's more, you will have excellent career development prospects in 2017 and you will have a good harvest as long as you can maintain the good work habits. You will have declined work pressure, helped by the colleagues and highly regarded by the eldership, thus can cope with the work easily. This year is not suitable for you to change a job; instead, you will have favorable development and even get promoted in the original company. The luck in study will be very good in the year of Rooster which is definitely a golden time for self-training and self-improvement.

    Your income will be as smooth as the work development and you will get considerable income as long as you choose the investment projects suitable for you. 2017 is most beneficial for you making a living in eloquence industry and you will have ideal performance. You businessmen should do everything by yourself; for those have a company or shop, you should contact and entertain the clients more often to have flourishing performance and considerable income. In terms of investment, you will have many income opportunities as long as you are not greedy.

    Love Relationship
    Most of you Oxen born in 1985 have married and settled down and you are in the marriage development stage, so the honeymoon period have passed and you begin to have trivial matters and troubles in life which will easily affect your relationship with your lover, especially those without the solid affection base will easily have a marriage crisis. Meanwhile, you Oxen will not be blessed by auspicious star in charge of love relationship in 2017, so there is no favorable environment for the development in love relationship. If you want to keep the stable marriage, you need to start from your own and communicate more with your lover.

    You single Oxen born in 1985 will have more social engagements in this year, thus more likely to meet the right one, most of whom will start from a friend rather than fall in love at first sight or start the relationship immediately. For those already have the stable relationship, you may find it difficult to communicate with the lover or dissatisfied with him/her since you are more fastidious than before; you need to tell your inner feelings to him/her frankly to avoid the worsening relation.

    Due to the frequent social engagements in 2017, you will gain weight due to surfeit and you should pay attention to digestive health. In addition, you may often take an injection or medicine. Generally speaking, you will be in good mood and have good luck in health in the year of Rooster as the disease caused by pressure will be cured. In terms of family fortune, you need to care more about the health condition of elders and children in your family who may have minor rather than serious illness.

    2016 Horoscope Forecast

    The prediction is valid for 2016 which is from February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017.

    Compared with the bad fortune in 2015, the fortune for you 1985 born Ox will be much better in 2016 which is the year of Monkey. You are expected to get someone’s great help that enable you to get twofold results with half the effort in work. However, you should remember to always keep your head down to avoid jealousy from others. 
    In 2016, you could think very clearly and enjoy a good fortune in study. If you are engage in the fields of creation and writing, you are expected to get much appreciation from your supervisor. If there is any opportunity for professional development, that will be great helpful for your future career. Although the work could bring out the best in you, you tend to be nervous with the increasing pressure. More time to meet your friends and chat with them could help to relieve stresses.

    Fortune in career will be mainly excellent for you Ox born in 1985. As long as you stay where you are in work instead of changing the job, you may be highly thought of by your employer. If your superior is female, you will be easy to be raised by her. However, you may find you are hard to have tacit understanding with your workmates. Sometimes, you are easy to have quarreling and controversy. To avoid this, remember don’t rush to the fore, keep a low profile and don't interfere in what doesn't concern you. As your study fortune is good in 2016, it’s a good idea to enrich yourself through refresher courses.
    For business Ox, the business will go smoothly in the year in general. However, the first half of the year may have some order losses. You are expected to have more new customers and more opportunities during the second half of the year.
    2016 is a nice year in terms of wealth for the Ox born in 1985 especially to those businessmen and people do creation works. You should be careful of the thieves. Don't show your silver when outing. In money management or investment, your fortune will be much better after the autumn.
    All in all, your wealth fortune will be steadily rising in 2016.
    Love Relationship
    For singles, you may meet your favorable opposite sex in some learning spaces. But your dating at the beginning may not so happy as you think him/her is hard to communicate and fastidious. So, better begin as friends and learn more with each other before confirm your love relationship. Also, you need more courage and creation to show your love if you find someone attracting you. There will be more chances for you to get success.
    For those in love, 2016 is an auspicious year to get married. You are suggested not to miss the year.
    If you were disappointed in a love affair, you are easy to walk out of the emotive shadow and start a new relationship with the help of an opposite sex in 2016.
    The love relationship for the married will be ordinary. If you couldn’t balance your work and family, you love relationship will be affected. For those who are already stable in love relationship, you are likely to get pregnant and welcome the new life.
    As for physical condition, you Ox born in 1985 will be much healthier in 2016 than the last year. There will be no pig problem except some minor ailments like cold. However, you are easy to get some mental disturbances or suffer from insomnia which is caused by the increasing pressure from work. So, you’d better try to lead a regular life. Besides, you need to care more about the physical and psychological statuses of the female elders in your family. Try your best to find time to accompany them. In addition, avoid visiting the patients or attending the funerals if you can because it may bring you some evil spirit thus harm your health. 

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