Monthly Horoscope For sheep

Chinese Lunar January: Jul 10, 2021 to Aug 07, 2021
Though Sheep will harm the Tai Sui this year, you sheep people can still have good luck in the first lunar month, especially in terms of wage income. Besides, Sheep itself is a hard working sign, so your income tends to increase this month.

Note: The Chinese zodiac monthly horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The months below refers to the Chinese lunar months. The dates in brackets are the corresponding dates in Gregorian calendar.

January (February 12th – March 12th, 2021)
Though Sheep will harm the Tai Sui this year, you sheep people can still have good luck in the first lunar month, especially in terms of wage income. Besides, Sheep itself is a hard working sign, so your income tends to increase this month.
February (March 13th – April 11th, 2021)
February horoscope of Sheep can be less satisfactory. You will feel quite stressful at work and even get edged out due to the fact of harming the Tai Sui, which will affect your career a lot. Luckily, the good fortune in making money can help you in stabilize the living conditions.
March (April 12th – May 11th, 2021)
In the 3rd month, you should keep an open eye on health as the poor fortune may lead to illness or accident. At the same time, the auspicious star Sui Jia will bring you better luck for career and make you perform pretty well at work.
April (May 12th - June 9th, 2021)
The health horoscope of Sheep in April will remain not good, so you still need to focus on it. You are suggested to go out less as much as possible and keep yourself away from danger or risky activities, or your security and health can be imperiled.
May (June 10th- July 9th, 2021)
Finance should be your focus in this month. The inauspicious star Jie Cai can make you prone to bad luck, such as money losses. Even if there is no change in financial income, the stress of life can still be intensified.
June (July 10th - August 7, 2021)
Work will be what you should focus on in June. As the horoscope in career shows a good turn, you will be more motivated at work. Harming the Tai Sui will bring base characters to you in workplace yet it won’t impose a severe impact since you keep improving your capacity.
July (August 8th – September 6th, 2021)
Things will go badly with your work in July. Even if you are still motivated and still have the initiative, the poor fortune can cause you some obstacles and troubles which can be a drag on your way forward. The vile characters may also cause trouble, so you should never overlook their influence.
August (September 7th – October 5th, 2021)
The 8th lunar month can be hard for you. While your career returns to stability, you can still feel stressful in finance and fall in poor health. The inauspicious star Sang Men can lead to poor fortune and make you excessively loaded with family affairs, thus you will have health problems and lose money this month. 
September (October 6th – November 4th, 2021)
As all aspects of Sheep horoscope remain stable, you can enjoy a peaceful life this month and have nothing to worry about at all. Therefore, you can just relax and take it easy.
October (November 5th – December 3rd, 2021)
This month, your focus will be on the fortune. Because of the wealth star Wu Qu, you will be lucky in sidelines and can get more from those sources. As a result, your quality of life won't be affected even if there is no change in wage earnings or even if your pay is cut.
November (December 4th, 2021– January 2nd, 2022)
Health will be what you should focus on in this month. While taking good care of yourself, you also need to look out and keep yourself away from some risky or dangerous activities. 
December (January 3rd, 2022 – January 31st, 2022)
In the last month of the year harming Tai Sui, your career horoscope will go up and you can run a lot easier at work or get a good chance. Once you can seize it, you may be able to get promoted and reach a new height of your cause this month.
January (January 25th – February 22nd, 2020)
Sheep people will face more pressure at work and you should make great efforts to improve interpersonal relations, communicate more with others, and guard against little snobs from putting obstacles in your way, otherwise your hard work will be wasted. In view of the average wealth horoscope and less satisfied luck in windfall, you are not suggested to make venture investment; if you do want to invest, just choose an auspicious day to prevent losing out. In terms of health, pay attention to physical diseases and injuries and take extra security precautions when riding a car.
February (February 23rd – March 23rd, 2020)
With good luck in career, you will get what you want and win the favor of your superior. To prevent the jealousy of colleagues, you'd better keep a low key. Despite the good luck for wealth, you may fail to save and the venture investment is not suggested. For the sake of health, you should notice the dietary hygiene as illness will find its way in by the mouth. With the best luck in love and relationship, you single Sheep will find it quite easy to start a relationship; for married or detached Sheep, however, the misunderstanding can lead to breakup or divorce.
March (March 24th – April 22nd, 2020)
This is a month of average horoscope. Faced with some resistance in career, you need to actively improve interpersonal relationship, listen more to others' opinions, and know both sides to move forward. The favorable wealth horoscope can be unstable. As a result, you will find it easy to make money but difficult to save, so do not guarantee or lend to others. The health aspect can be good and you just need to strike a proper balance between work and rest, and keep fit.
April (April 23rd – June 20th, 2020)
This month, certain obstacles will be in your way and you will have more stress, even unexpected troubles at work. To this end, you should try to downplay and avoid any disputes with others. Only if you manage carefully can you make steady progress. In terms of health, watch eye and heart problems. As for love and relationship, stay away from an affair. This month will be a good time for Sheep to travel and relax, which will benefit your health.
May (June 21st – July 20th, 2020)
This is a month of mixed horoscope. You may run into obstacles in career and have to make a detailed plan in advance to deal with emergencies at work; do not act impetuously, or you will be involved in disputes. The wealth horoscope will be fine and you can invest properly rather than greedily. From love aspect, you will be prone to quarrels and need to be tolerant of each other on the basis of mutual understanding.
June (July 21st – August 18, 2020)
Sheep's horoscope will be better than last month. In spite of the obstacles in career, you will yield good results as long as you put in enough efforts. At work, a high profile is to be avoided and what you need will be a good interpersonal relation; also, be careful not to offend the villains. This month can be a good time for further study and you will get extremely good results in examination. With good wealth horoscope yet hard luck in windfall, you are not suggested to engage in venture investment or lottery. As for love and relationship, spend more time to communicate with each other and prevent any misunderstanding from impairing your relationship. 
July (August 19th – September 16th, 2020)
Many obstacles may occur in your career, and you need to get prepared in advance to prevent the emergencies from disrupting your work schedule. Pay attention to the disputes and guard against the little snobs from damaging the situation. The wealth aspect can be mixed as you will find it hard to save money despite the good income, and the large-scale or venture investment is not recommended. From the perspective of love and relationship, you will have a bit of set-to and should pay special attention to a third party that can affect your family.
August (September 17th – October 16th, 2020)
In general, Sheep people's horoscope will be very good, especially in career. So seize the good opportunities for development, plan carefully and move forward step by step. The pressure at work will be far from hindering the future development. As the wealth horoscope gets better, you may invest appropriately and stop at the right time. The love aspect will also turn better and you need to be faithful and cut any possible affair, especially love triangle. To be healthy, prevent the gastrointestinal diseases.
September (October 17th – November 16th, 2020)
This month can be a golden opportunity for your career, so seize it to ride on the crest of success. Blessed by the star in charge of wealth, you will be lucky in salary income and windfall, and you may invest properly and moderately; if you want to buy lottery, just take it as a form of entertainment. As the last month's bad luck in love vanishes, both male and female Sheep will become popular among the opposite sex, and you should be careful not to stir up a fire and burn yourself.
October (November 15th – December 14th, 2020)
Due to the good horoscope of career, you people of Sheep sign will have outstanding performance in work and get favor from superiors, so seize the opportunity to move forward. At the end of the year, however, you'd better keep on the rails and be conservative. With good luck in wealth, you can always make a profit with a prudent attitude. For the problems in love, you need to communicate more to maintain your relationship. In health, balance work and rest to avoid diseases caused by fatigue.
November (December 15th, 2020 – January 12, 2021)
Many obstacles in career can frustrate your work and life, for which you should be careful and prudent no matter what you do and make progress while ensuring stability. Besides, do not put your fingers in a lot of pies, stay alert against the vile characters and never bring trouble on yourself. Also, be careful in making friends as someone may just want to cheat you out of money. As for health, pay special attention to accidents and injuries, including bruising and wound. In marriage, be more tolerant to each other.
December (January 13, 2021 – February 11, 2021)
This month can be the end of the last two years' bad luck. However, you will be prone to disputes and need to notice the major tangle in particular as it can become out of your control. Keep a low profile, be flexible in dealing with changes of the situation and prevent it from getting worse. For a better relationship, you need to communicate more and put up with each other, and avoid misunderstandings. For the sake of health, seek medical treatment for both new and old diseases.

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