Careers for Sheep

People under the Sheep sign are usually shy, weak and girlish. Most of them are elegant and charming and tend to choose the stable and mild work. With a special gift in art and creativity, they are talented in art and music and may choose to develop in these domains. Also, they boast outstanding talents in medicine and philanthropy and cannot get used to staying alone and playing the leading role rather than working with others. 
● Suitable Jobs for Sheep: artists, writers, advertising staffs, philosophers, dancers, entertainers, nurses, housekeepers, typists, teachers etc.
Work Partners for Sheep
→ Best Working Partners: Horse, Rabbit, Pig
→ Good Working Partners: Snake, Horse
→ Not Bad Working Partners: Monkey and Rooster
→ Bad Working Partners: Rat, Ox and Dog
● Best Age to Start a Business for Sheep: Age 30 – 50
● Best Career Field for Sheep: Publication
● Best Business to Do: Beauty Salon
● Best Direction for Career: East, Northwest

Suitable and Ideal Jobs

Service Work
Sheep are suitable for mild occupations of service nature, such as nurse and service staff, because they are more considerate than the average and often take care and think about others. With a serious attitude towards work, Sheep people can finish their own work in a meticulous and satisfactory manner. Therefore, they are generally trusted by colleagues, recognized and appreciated by the boss in this kind of jobs which bring them a happy life.
Art Work
Blessed with excellent comprehension, Sheep people are intelligent and sensitive and they may choose the art work. It is in their nature to comprehend by analogy, so they never lack inspiration. The stable environment of art work makes them feel secure and better devote to the work, thus can achieve great success.
Stable Jobs
Jobs like typist and teacher which are simple in nature and steady are also good choices for Sheep. This kind of work means a quiet and peaceful life with no great ups and downs, thus quite suitable for Sheep people.

Best Career Field: Publishing Circles

Of fine sentiments and rich feelings, Sheep are full of sensibility for life and they are patient and artistic, thus suitable for publishing circles, whether editing, writing, type setting or illustrating. In addition they have a tender heart and are destined to experience a lot of hardships. Sometimes, writing can best arouse the inner feelings, so they may try to explore in the field of publishing.

Unsuitable Work for Sheep

In terms of the physiological structure, Sheep are meek creatures and have no deadly weapon if compared with other animals in Chinese zodiac. The horns, though a weapon, are nothing when compared with the Tigers! The running speed is also nothing when compared with Horses. Their aggressiveness is insignificant if compared with Dogs of the similar size. As a result, Sheep are not suitable for the highly opposing jobs, such as solider, athlete and security guard.
With limited spirit of adventure, Sheep people are not pioneering and competitive occupations like stock trading, futures trading, news, book and newspapers, which are contrary to their nature. Generally, Sheep are eager to live a comfortable life and cannot cope with the fierce confrontation; the high pressure of competition will only make them feel suffocated and at a loss, waste time in confusion and helplessness, and fail to show their strengths. Hence, Sheep seldom succeed in this kind of work.

Career Advice

Sheep people tend to huddle together, often get along well with some individuals and neglect others. Therefore, they are suggested to develop an approachable style and chat more with colleagues in spare time to build good interpersonal relationships and get more popular at work.

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