1919, 1979 Chinese Zodiac – Earth Sheep/Goat/Ram

Years of the Earth Sheep/Goat/Ram

People born in the year of 1919 (Feb. 1, 1919 - Feb. 19, 1920) and 1979 (Jan. 28, 1979 - Feb. 15, 1980) are members of the Earth Sheep. For those born before Feb. 1, 1919 or Jan. 28, 1979, they belong to the zodiac animal of Earth Horse.

Personality and Horoscope for the Earth Sheep

The Earth Sheep are plain-spoken and straightforward. They usually speak without any consideration. But they are not sketchy with things. To friends, they always put their hearts and souls when needed. In addition to their elegant looks and noble sentiments, they enjoy the love and esteem of friends. However, their changeable and easy to be angry personality usually keep others away from them. But, in fact they can be treated as the best friends. The female are gentle and are perfect wife and mother.

The whole life for the Earth Sheep is lucky to get help and promotion by some eminences. Therefore, their career is always smooth and stable. In financial aspect, the Earth Sheep are suggested to be especially careful to make investment. If they invest in stocks, withdraw the money as soon as possible once there is any profit. Greed will easily make them astray in the stock market and lose everything.  

As for the health, they usually suffer mental problems which are mainly caused by an excess of stress. They even tend to be neurotic because of the long-term nervousness. So, they should learn how to relax themselves. Often going out to travel is highly suggested. Or they may fell ill from constant mental pressure.

In love relationship, the male Earth Sheep are easily attracted by the opposite sex than the female. The wife should especially careful to maintain the relations of family. There perhaps are many things unforeseen happened in the family. Therefore, they should care more about family affairs.

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