2017 Horoscope for the Sheep Born in 1967

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    Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between February 09, 1967 and January 29, 1968. If you were born before February 09, 1967, please consult the 1966 Chinese Zodiac, which is year of the Horse.

    2017 Horoscope Forecast

    The prediction is valid for 2017 Year of the Rooster which is from January 28, 2017 to February 15, 2018.

    In 2017, the year of Fire Rooster 'Ding You' (丁酉), you people born in 1967 which is the year of 'Ding Wei' (丁未) under the animal sign of Sheep will have ordinary luck because looking from the essence, you will not be blessed but assisted by the auspicious stars which are not the major ones and have limited ability, even cannot suppress the adverse affection of the inauspicious stars. The auspicious stars mainly improve your luck for career and wealth rather than other aspects while the inauspicious stars are very dangerous and may decline your luck in the whole year, thus you cannot give your ability into full play, and you will often feel restrained and the strain of work. Secondly, you will have problem in personal safety due to the adverse affection of three inauspicious stars and you will be in a dangerous state in the whole year. Therefore, you should be prudent to avoid the bleeding disaster.

    The luck for career of you Sheep born in 1967 will be unfavorable and your work may be full of changes in the year of 2017. Of course, you will maintain the steady level of work but hardly get promotion and pay raise. Despite the ordinary luck for career, you will be more likely to be recognized by the leadership and get promoted if you can do your job well, deal with people skillfully and show your strength actively. Being short of the benefactor's help, you will easily make mistakes, so you should be careful. You'd better work in other places or take more tasks of going out on a business trip to get more development opportunities.

    Your luck for wealth will be ordinary in 2017 but you may still keep the stable luck without the blessing of the auspicious star in charge of people's wealth. Certainly, you will have the possibility of suffering unexpected personal financial losses under the influence of the inauspicious stars. Despite the mighty inauspicious stars, the auspicious star 'Tang Fu' (唐符) will bring you relatively good luck for wealth and consolidate your luck for income from work although it cannot suppress the power of the inauspicious stars. Your luck for windfalls will be unfavorable, so you should not indulge in speculation rather than work with a down-to-earth attitude in 2017.

    Love Relationship
    You Sheep born in 1967 will have poor family luck as you may often bring the bad mood in work to your family and lose your temper because of trivial matters. Also, you tend to intervene in your children's matters too much and make them disgusted. You should pay attention to your words and deeds at home to create a harmonious family atmosphere. If you are married, you will have severe emotional crisis in this year because on one hand, the extremely good luck with the opposite sex may lead to the extramarital affair; on the other hand, the inauspicious stars will decline your fortune and you may easily have conflicts with your family. Therefore, you need to control yourself and never get too close with other opposite-sex friends.

    When it comes to health, you will have ordinary luck and poor health condition, so you should be double alerted. In general, your health will be mostly affected by the work pressure and you need to have enough rest. But the biggest problem will lie in the influence of three inauspicious stars, which will bring you very bad luck. No matter at home or go out, you must pay attention to your safety and avoid going to some inauspicious places, such as the graveyard, wild and uninhabited area, so as not to worsen your luck.

    2016 Horoscope Forecast

    The prediction is valid for 2016 which is from February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017.

    2016 Lucky Astrology Elements for the Sheep People Born in 1967
    Lucky Colors: Red, Pink, Yellow, Beige
    Helpful Zodiac Signs: Pig, Rabbit, Horse
    Auspicious Direction: East, South, Northwest
    Position to Bring Money: Northwest
    Position to Bring Love: South
    Position to Improve Study: North

    To you 1967 born Sheep (Goat or Ram), the past 2015 year of the Sheep is a bad year. Compared with the last year, you could enjoy a smoother year of 2016 which will be the year of Monkey. If you held a wedding ceremony, moved house or gave birth to a baby in 2015, you could enjoy a much better fortune in 2016. However, there will be no helpful stars for your work. You need to do everything by yourself without enough help from others. So, you will enjoy a hard year. Sometimes, you will feel your ability falls short of your wishes. In addition, it’s predicted your health condition is not so satisfactory. You’ll be plagued continually by a series of minor illnesses. Even more, you are inclined to have a minor operation. Therefore, you should pay much attention to health in the year.

    In terms of career, you Sheep people born in 1967 may meet changes such as being transferred to another department or work in other areas. So, you will have invisible feeling of pressure and need a long time to get acclimatized to the new surroundings. Although there is no sign for you to get promotion, your work fortune will turn to be better as you could make a great progress. Besides, you should learn to hold your tongue and never involve things that have nothing to do with you. If you could do so, you could enjoy a good personal relationship. Besides, you will probably have a thought of changing the job. If the new company is good for your future development, you are suggested to change. If you want to start your own business, 2016 is an auspicious year. As long as you are not afraid of the hardship and manage diligently, you could get an unexpected return.

    If you operate a business, you will be supported by the customers and turnover increase spectacularly. However, you should avoid expanding your business blindly. Make a contribution to charity could help your business more prosperous. All in all, there will be many chances for you to make money. If you work for a company, a salary increase can be expected with your great effort. In addition, you are likely to spend much more money than last year in hospital as your health condition will not be so good.

    Love Relationship
    If you have been married, you relationship with your partner will be very harmonious. But you should keep a proper distance with the opposite sex in case to be misunderstood and attracted by him/her. If you are still single in 2016, there will be many chances waiting you to make friends. Your love will be one of them. If you are still in love in 2016, there will be many disputes between you and your love. So, if the time is right, consider to marry this year. Or you may split up in 2017.

    2016 will be a year not favorable to your health. You’d better do a physical examination and go to the doctor as early as you can once there is a small illness to prevent it from getting serious. If you smoke or drink, it’s highly advised to quit in 2016. In mental, you are likely to feel lonely constantly. Therefore, you are suggested to often go out for traveling or do more sports to help relax. When go out for business, especially pay attention to the traffic this year. 
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