Chinese Names for Sheep Year People/Babies

Characters Auspicious for People of Sheep Zodiac Sign

1. 卉、芳、芸、苑、若、苹、茁、芝、茗、茱、茹、荷、秀、莉、菊、菁、蓁、萱、叶、蓉、叶、蓉、莲、倩、艺
The Sheep is a herbivorous animal, thus the characters with the radical of ''艹'' (meaning: Grass) will be of great help for you people under the Sheep zodiac sign.

2. 米、栗、梁、禾、秀、秋、科、稠、稻、谷
The Sheep also loves the five cereals, thus the characters with the radicals of ''米'' (meaning: rice), ''麦'' (meaning: wheat), ''禾'' (meaning: millet), ''豆'' (meaning: bean) and ''稷'' (meaning: millet) are suggested.

3. 木、本、朵、材、杰、梁、梓、棋、栋、椒、森、枫、楣、楚、榛、荣、槐、树、橙
The characters with the radical of ''木'' (meaning: Wood) are also suggested to use.

4. 口、同、周、唐、亚、商、乔、单、回、圆、园、图、团、宋、容、家、富、宽、婷、宏、安
The characters with the radicals of ''口'' (meaning: opening), ''山'' (meaning: mountain), ''门'' (meaning: door) and ''冖'' (meaning: hole) are also recommended as they indicate the shelter for rest.

5. 足、跋、跳、路、踊、跃、践
The characters with the radicals of ''足'' (meaning: foot) because the Sheep enjoys jumping.

6. 兀、允、元、兄、兆、充、先、克、免、儿、亮
Because the lamb kneels to suck its mother's milk, it’s good to use characters with the radical of “几”. It could bring you ample clothing and sufficient food.

7. 家、豪、稼、朋、逸、青、马、骏、南、许、柄、丁、杰、速、连、达、远、适、邓、延、建
The characters with the radicals which are compatible with the earthly branch ''未'' of Sheep, such as ''豕'' (meaning: Pig), ''卯'' (the earthly branch of Rabbit), ''巳'' (the earthly branch of Snake) and ''午'' (the earthly branch of Horse).

Characters Inauspicious for People of Sheep Zodiac Sign

1. 大、天、太、奇、奉、奏、英、珏、砷、玲、玳、珉、诱、琦、瑟、暄、瑜、荣、瑰、璃、玛、琼
The characters with the radicals of ''大'', ''王'', ''君'' and ''长'' (which are related to monarch and elder) are not suggested because the Sheep is one of the three sacrifice animals and it will be used for sacrifice and offering after growing up. Therefore, the characters with the above radicals indicate sacrifice and living for others with a hard life but it will be fine if you are willing to serve others.

2. 牡、隆、生、子、孔、存、学、燕、游、郭
The characters with the radicals related to the zodiac signs in conflict with Sheep, such as ''丑'' (the earthly branch of Ox) and ''牛'' (meaning: Ox), and the radicals related to the zodiac signs harming the Sheep, such as ''子'' (the earthly branch of Rat) and ''鼠'' (meaning: Rat), which will lead to serious punishment are not suggested.

3. 辰、晨、农、成、国、犹、献、独、获
The characters with the radicals which mean the tight encirclement, such as ''辰', ''未'', ''戌'', ''犬'' and ''丑''. ''未'' is the earthly branch of Sheep and two sheep meeting together would fight first, thus also inauspicious.

4. 巾、市、布、帆、希、帛、帝、帅、师、席、常、帧、帜、彤、形、雕、彦、彩、彪、彭、彰、影、衫、表、袁、裕、裘、褚、裴、襄
Chinese characters with the radicals of ''巾'', ''乡'', ''衣'', ''糸'', ''辛'' (which are related to colorful clothing) are not suggested. This is because the Sheep usually are decorated well before they are killed and offered as a religious sacrifice.

5. The characters with the radicals of ''刀'', ''皿'', ''酉'' and ''车'' also harm the Sheep. So, you should avoid using them.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Surnames

It would be preferable to select the following surnames for the people born in the Sheep year.
陈、巴、朱、姜、刘、马、冯、许、丁、柳、连、毛、成、武、盛、狄、方、石、司、吴、谷、黄、苗、程、萧、蔡、岳、家、象、田、程、叶、万、苏、权、杨、杜、林、杭、宋、利、戴、包、鲍 and etc.
It would not be good to choose the following surnames:
王、彭、常、张、庞、龙、龚、农、顾、贺、徐、康、孔、李、孟、孙、承、丞、永、冰、郭、洪、汪、泰、江、游、池、沈、温、潘、家、象、吕、高、宫、哈、严、牛、钮、郑、斐、翁、邬、金、祝、商、谭 and etc.

Click for more common Chinese surnames or Hundred Family Surnames.

Lucky Given Names for Male and Female Born in the Year of Sheep

Following are decent and elegant given names for male and female with detailed meanings.

Auspicious Given Names for Sheep Year Male
彬蔚  to have both wit and a beautiful character
博裕  vast and rich
博闻  experienced and knowledgeable
博容  broad-minded
浩然  honest, upright and outspoken
凯歌   successful
如山   standing still like mountain
若飞  quick like flying
胜蓝  excellent, practice well than his father
泓涵  profound and extensive in learning

Auspicious Given Names for Sheep Year Female
歆婷  delighted and graceful
婉婷  with mild temperament and graceful
茗茶  unsophisticated and pure
若雨  poetic like the rain
梦洁  kind-hearted and pure
诗茵  well-mannered and romantic
淑芳  virtuous and pretty
茉莉  jasmine
小萌  cute
秋柔  mild-mannered

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