1967 Chinese Zodiac – Fire Sheep/Goat/Ram

Year of the Fire Sheep/Goat/Ram

People born in the year of 1967 (Feb. 9, 1967 - Jan. 29, 1968) are members of the Fire Sheep. For those born before Feb. 9, 1967, they belong to the zodiac animal of Fire Horse.

Personality and Horoscope for the Fire Sheep

The people born in 1967 (Fire Sheep) are mild, upright and fond of neat and clean. They are especially loyal to friends and willing to do anything to help them. Also, they usually don’t care about gains and losses. Therefore, most people like to get along with them. However, they also have some weak points. They are usually worried or take offence at some trifles. Emotional and subjective in personality, they are not fit to engage in a partnership operation. Besides, they are stubborn in nature but they can still accept suggestions from friends in most of the time.   

It’s said that the Fire Sheep are usually hard during the early years and could live comfortably after the middle age. To develop their career in abroad market is better than in domestic. To make more like-minded friends in life instead of isolating themselves will be helpful to occupation development. When meeting difficulties, persevere in the face of adversity or it’s hard to make any achievement.

In work, the Fire Sheep are usually auspicious. Although they always have a large amount of work and big pressure, things could be finished well finally with the help of colleagues.

The Fire Sheep are easily to have health problems during the winter. In other seasons, there are no problems physically. Besides, the diet should be watched during the daily life.

The love relationship for the Fire Sheep is good. No matter male or female, they have a strong luck with the opposite sex. The married couples usually work well and each show respect and affection for the other. For the singles, once meeting the ideal partner, they can get a good result if showing the love positively.  

The financial fortune for the Fire Sheep usually fluctuates. Yet, they can get help from others when in poor economic condition. At the end of each year, they often can get some money. Therefore, they are suggested to invest in real estate or others to maintain the value. Once there is any economic crisis, the Fire Sheep would try every effort to solve the problem.

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