1931, 1991 Chinese Zodiac – Metal Sheep/Goat/Ram

Years of the Metal Sheep/Goat/Ram

People born in the year of 1931 (Feb. 17, 1931 - Feb. 5, 1932) or 1991 (Feb. 15, 1991 - Feb. 3, 1992) are members of the Metal Sheep. For those born before Feb. 17, 1931 or Feb. 15, 1991, they belong to the zodiac animal of Metal Horse.

Personality and Horoscope for the Metal Sheep

The Metal Sheep are kind, ambitious, having an iron fist in a velvet glove and full of responsibility. When doing everything, they like to do it in a systematic way and have the ability to establish their own business or career. Advantages for them also include sticking to principles and acting in good faith. However, they sometimes are stubborn and inflexible. Therefore, they are fit to specialize in a specific technique and could obtain outstanding achievements.  

The Metal Sheep usually enjoy a good fortune in wealth except for those born in December of Chinese lunar calendar who are usually hard before the middle age. However, their fortune is not stable. They may find that their fortune turns to be better suddenly. Some people may find they earn more year after year. Also, they may suffer unexpected personal financial losses when get some money. Therefore, they are suggested to buy something that is permanently inflation - proofed in value if they have some extra money.  

In work, as the Metal Sheep are stubborn and sometimes over press their viewpoint, there will be inevitably disputes and conflicts with superiors and colleagues. Besides, although work hard, they earn few. As the old saying goes, if you wish to be the best man, you must suffer the bitterest of the bitter. To change the situation, they should work more, talk less and learn how to compromise.

In health, the Metal Sheep should avoid catching cold. So, keep warm when it’s cold and don’t forget your health for the sake of beauty.

In love, the Metal Sheep are usually gooey over their love. They like to deal with the love relations sloppily. When meeting crisis for their love, they are difficult to make a decision. If they cherish their precious feelings, try best to maintain. Otherwise, end the relationship as early as possible.

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