Dragon in Love

Dragons are unpredictable, subtle and adventurous dreamers. The extraordinary courage, talent and generosity are great tools making them attractive to the opposite sex. The strongest trait of Dragon people is duplicity - they may complain about someone but actually have a crush on the latter. Probably this is the typical stubborn personality.
Money and career seem especially important to people born in the year of the Dragon, making the position of love relationship a little precarious. In fact, they also desire a great relationship but they have a strong sense of self-protection and prefer a peaceful and stable life. Because of this, Dragon people tend to consider everything from a third-party aspect and think too much, so they often miss the right one and marry at a mature age.
Love is not a deal and it cannot be measured by money. People of Dragon sign are suggested to get over the overthinking. Since money cannot fill the inner emptiness and make up the lack of security, they might as well think less and boldly pursue the fervent love.
How to make a Dragon love you more? As the representative of duplicity, your Dragon may pretend to be calm and nothing has happened even if he/she has been fallen for you. You are supposed to be active and determined with a Dragon and never be fooled by externals, because he/she has two faces in love relationship. Maybe he/she looks cool and calm but it does not mean you are not loved, so show faith in the relationship.

Dragon Man in Love

The intelligent, gifted and elegant male Dragons attach great importance to the look, soul and talent of women while choosing a partner. They appreciate independent and excellent women of insightful view. Since they are aggressive and domineering and can hardly consider how others feel, their partners have to be tolerant enough to maintain the long relationship. → Male Dragon's Attitude Towards Love   

Dragon Woman in Love

Broad-minded and forthright in character, female Dragons are considerate and loved by many men. In love relationship, they like to play tricks yet act as if they are very tender and behaved. In their eyes, love at first sight is the best. Once they fall in love, they would be completely in, tell all the thoughts or things, whether good or bad for them, to their boyfriends and almost have no knowledge about self-protection. → Female Dragon's Attitude Towards Love

How to Know a Dragon is in Love with You?

Actually, it is happy and annoyed to be loved by a Dragon man who is aggressive, difficult to deal with and won't change too much for you. These are the signs of Dragon people in love with someone. → How to Know a Rat is in Love with You?

Dragon Love Compatibility

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