1964 Chinese Zodiac – Wood Dragon

Year of the Wood Dragon

People born in the year of 1964 (Feb. 13, 1964 - Feb. 01, 1965) which is Jia Chen Year are members of the Wood Dragon. For those born before Feb. 13, 1964, they belong to the zodiac animal of Water Rabbit.

Personality and Horoscope for the Wood Dragon

The wood dragons born in 1965 are introverted and silent in personality. They usually have few friends due to their lack of enthusiasm. In fact, they just don’t like to show off. As you don’t know, they are exceptionally gifted and have a high ability to deal with things.

The wood dragons don’t like the work that is so easy to do. They require high aim to achieve and as many difficulties as possible to encounter from which they could get great happiness.

According to the characters of the wood dragon, they are suitable to leave far away from their home town to seek career development. If they could develop overseas business, a lot of money is expected. Other good works such as to be an auditor, accountant or lawyer all enable them to gain both in fame and wealth.

The wealth fortune for the wood dragon is always good. They usually have a high chance of winning in prize draw than others. But the expenses for them are quiet large. If possible, they had better to spend more on real estate. In money making, they usually could earn a lot without paying too much. However, they like to strain at a gnat and take too seriously in money affairs. You don’t worry too much about the money you lend to them as they don’t like to be in debt. They would try all the ways to pay them back to you.

As for health, there is no big problem for the wood dragons during the whole life. However, they should pay much attention to dietetic hygiene as they are easy to suffer from digestion illnesses. Also, during the time when spring turns into summer, they should especially avoid suffering from acute infectious diseases. Mentally, they should not be too nervous which require them to balance the work and life well.

As the wood dragons are silent in nature, they are not good at making friends of the opposite sex. Luckily, they are usually endowed with some kind of charm that could capture others’ attention. The girls are usually popular among the opposite sex. But they need to deal with love affairs well to avoid troubles. The house wife usually could enjoy a harmonious family life but should manage money well.

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