Careers for Dragon

Dragon people can adapt to almost any jobs. It seems that they do every work with high proficiency and can succeed in every career they choose. If they give up utilitarianism and pursue a kind of lofty ideal or abstract science and art work, they will also succeed. If they risk danger in desperation and do something illegal or harmful, they will also make it, thus very destructive. In any case, Dragons are a model of success. Dragon people usually work in their own unique way and seldom care about what others think or view; instead, they insist their own way to complete the work. With an acute sense and a unique personality, they often reject the opinions of others while choosing their career.
Suitable Jobs for Dragon: Lawyers, health care workers, architects, artists, company executives, entertainers, politicians, teachers, entrepreneurs, psychologists, public relations executives, writers, photographers etc.
Work Partners for Dragon
→ Best Working Partners: Rat, Monkey, Rooster
→ Good Working Partners: Rabbit, Tiger
→ Not Bad Working Partners: Snake, Horse
→ Bad Working Partners: Dog, Rabbit, Dragon
Best Age to Start a Business for Dragon:Age 25 – 45
Best Career Field for Dragon: Architecture
Best Business to Do: Bar, Hardware Store
Best Direction for Career: North, West and Southwest

Suitable and Ideal Jobs

Dragons are suitable for jobs involving creativity and thinking. They would like to engage in artistic, political and academic activities of certain spiritual level and enjoy the activities. In terms of literary field, they will achieve something in the direction of surrealism.
While choosing a career, they'd better give priority to intellectual jobs, such as politician, teacher, entrepreneur, psychologist, and PR practitioner.
People under the Dragon sign are suitable for diversified work, and they'd better choose the competent based on their talents. To improve the chances of success, they are suggested to choose the complementary jobs that they are interested in, such as writer, traveller and photographer. Also, they will have a bright future in academic work as long as they make great efforts.
Besides, the freelancer is also suitable for Dragons, because they are tenacious, adventurous, lazy and unwilling to sit still in an office.

Best Field: Architecture

Dragons are so confident that they enjoy standing at the peak. Architecture, an action of creating dream, allows everyone to see the hope of future in the course of building. This is the feeling needed by the Dragon people. Since they lack of cooperation, they often work out of feeling and they can always consider the situation to make a decision. These traits are essential to the field of architecture.

Best Business: Bar & Hardware

In pursuit of passion and excitement by nature, Dragons clearly know how to play high. They are warm-hearted and have a lot of friends. Also, Dragon people are quick-witted, bold and resolute, handling the emergencies properly and never afraid of troubles. Therefore, they can run a bar with high proficiency.
In addition, they are also suitable for some trades related to metal. If they run a watch shop or hardware store, they will do excellent business. However, they are suggested to control their temper in running the business because harmony brings wealth.

Unsuitable Work for Dragon

Born with a meticulous mind, Dragon people are not suitable for those jobs which require no thinking other than labor work and mechanical operation.

Career Advice

Since they can hardly stay interested in something for a long time, they may choose the occupations full of changes and rich in rhythms. Every profession needs persistent efforts, and Dragons should pay more attention to details to get more results.

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