Dragon Monthly Horoscope Prediction in 2017

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    Note: The Chinese zodiac monthly horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The months below refers to the Chinese lunar months. The dates in brackets are the corresponding dates in Gregorian calendar.

    Dragon 2017 Monthly Horoscope Predictions

    January (January 28th – February 25th, 2017)
    Although you Dragon people may encounter obstacles in work, the overall situation will not be affected as the obstacles will be of no importance; if you want to make a career, you can reach to a certain height with your own efforts. Your luck for wealth will be good and you may try your luck if you want to invest in a sideline which may bring you unexpected result. However, your luck with the opposite sex will be unfavorable and you singles still need to go through a hard time of patience but you have to believe that the good days will come. Besides, you need to pay attention to the reasonable dietary collocation to reduce the burden of intestines and stomach as far as possible.

    February (February 26th – March 27th, 2017)
    Under the great influence of inauspicious stars, you may suffer from many changes but you will be supported by the benefactor and get rapid advancement in your career once you handle things properly. If you seek the immediate interest and give up the long-term plan, you will be more and more frustrated and feel helpless. Therefore, you should consider a matter in the light of actual conditions while making a decision. Due to the relatively good luck for wealth, you may increase the investment. Your luck with the opposite sex will be quite good and you singles are suggested to take part in more social activities.

    March (March 28th – April 25th, 2017)
    Your overall luck will decline in this month: you cannot get along well with the leaders and colleagues, may lose the customers for no reason and encounter unexpected changes to the established cooperation projects or the contracts to be signed, making you unprepared and seriously frustrating your confidence. Your luck for wealth will be poor, thus the gambling or speculative investment should be avoided; in particular, you government officials should not risk danger in desperation. Also, you may often feel headache, dizzy or tired, so you should go to a doctor in time once the situation is serious.

    April (April 26th - May 25th, 2017)
    You will meet many disputes in work and suffer from mixed comments from all sides; once you are not careful enough, you might be bothered with a lawsuit. As a result, you need to spend the month stably. Your luck for wealth will be average and you should give up the unpractical idea of free riding but move forward step by step for an invincible position. Your luck in love relationship will be favorable but you may suffer unexpected personal financial losses caused by love relationship, so you should be cautious in consumption. In terms of health, you should smoke and drink less and focus on protecting your liver.

    May (May 26th - June 23rd, 2017)
    Comparing with the last month, your luck for career will be slightly improved and the backlogs might be solved gradually; particularly, the work involving negotiation, signing and waiting for confirming receipt will go more smoothly than last month. Your luck for wealth will be sound and you may increase the investment to show your capabilities, which will bring you great returns. At the same time, your luck with the opposite sex will be good and this will be a good opportunity to confess or start a relationship; if you want to get married, you may choose a lucky day in this month. From the aspect of body health, you may suffer from gastrointestinal diseases caused by irregular diet, so you should be careful.

    June (June 24th - July 22nd, 2017)
    Your luck will decline during this month: you may feel frustrated at work, have a tense relationship with the superior and colleagues and mess up the sure thing because of the villain creating trouble to you behind. In daily contact, you may offend someone else due to the sharp words or disagreement. Also, you will be more likely to suffer unexpected personal financial losses because of career, relatives or friends. Your luck in love relationship will be poor and the rate of breaking up will suddenly rise; if you are in a cold war, you should find an opportunity to ease the relationship quickly, so as to avoid the unmanageable situation. From the perspective of health, you will be prone to skin injury ad should pay attention to safety while doing exercise or driving.

    Leap 6th Month and July (July 23rd – September 19th, 2017)
    In this month, the auspicious things will be ominous while the ominous things will get even worse; you will find it hard to implement your own ideas and thoughts, get into trouble on all sides with less support but more opposition and have conflict of interest with the superior, thus difficult to move a single step. As a result, you should rather plan carefully than act rashly to open up a new prospect. Due to the poor luck for wealth, you should be prudent in making short-term investment and never gamble even if the project is apparently good, or you will regret. Your luck in love relationship will be favorable and you may pursue boldly if you already have someone you love. When it comes to body health, you need to beware of the possible hemicranias and stomachache.

    August (September 20th – October 19th, 2017)
    In August, your Dragons’ luck will not show any sign of recovery and you will still encounter many obstacles in career, have a tense relationship with colleagues and clients and suffer from villains holding sway; the change of personnel will be adverse to you and you should get prepared in advance to avoid the unmanageable situation. Your luck for wealth will be also poor and you will be more likely to suffer unexpected personal financial losses; if you love gambling, you should calm down and distract attention with other things. Since most of the opposite-sex friends will be unfavorable, you need to preserve your moral integrity, give priority to your family stability and control yourself well. In addition, you may suffer from insomnia or dreaminess because of the great pressure.

    September (October 20th – November 17th, 2017)
    Despite of the adverse situation, your overall luck will turn better than last month: you will work with high proficiency and properly deal with the tasks assigned by the leader; perhaps you will find it still hard to handle certain matters, but you just need to act according to your capacity. Your luck for wealth will be good and you may invest in this month with a careful attitude and pay close attention to it all the time on the safe side. At the same time, your luck with the opposite sex will also be good and you will get along well with your family. Also, you should pay attention to the possible lung and bronchial diseases.

    October (November 18th – December 17th, 2017)
    Dragons will be more likely to take a business trip and have a changed working place and nature and increased working difficulty but the result will be good. You can always get help from the benefactor to head off a danger and increase your business ability. However, your luck for wealth will be average and you should be prudent in stock and fund investments and take a wait-and-see attitude under the unclear situation. You will be prone to enterogastritis and you senior citizens should pay attention to the nervous system diseases.

    November (December 18th, 2017 – January 16th, 2018)
    You will have more chances to express your own opinions to the leadership in work and be recognized by the leadership as long as you don't make principled mistakes. Coupled with the benefactor's help, you will finish the things smoothly. Therefore, this will be a month beneficial for your development. Your luck for wealth will be good and you may increase the investment in business and venture, which will bring you better returns. However, your luck in love relationship will be poor and you may often quarrel with your lover on trivial matters which may ruin your relationship, so you should repair and fix the relationship in a timely manner. As for health, you will be prone to infectious diseases like cold.

    December (January 17th, 2018 – February 15th, 2018)
    At the end of the year, you will be still busy at work with great pressure and many important things have to be finished in this month; you are suggested not to have a rush for quick results rather than let nature take its course to work step by step. Your luck in love relationship will be poor and your relationship might be hurt by the conflicts; you singles may worry about the love matters. From the health point of view, you females should beware of gynecological diseases while you males should notice the urinary system diseases.
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