Monthly Horoscope For dragon

Chinese Lunar August: Sep 15, 2023 to Oct 14, 2023
dragon Horoscope
This month will be a month of conflict and clash for the Dragons. The Dragons should go out more frequently, which will help them make money in exotic places. However, when getting along with others, they should not speak too bluntly so as to avoid offending others. In terms of relationship, they may have conflicts and disputes with their partners, which may even lead to breakup or divorce.

Note: The Chinese zodiac monthly horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The months below refers to the Chinese lunar months. The dates in brackets are the corresponding dates in Gregorian calendar.

January (January 22nd - February 19th, 2023)
People born under the zodiac sign of the Dragon will be troubled by some problems in the family this month. The elderly in the family will have many health problems, requiring frequent trips to the hospitals. At the same time, there will be noise and water leaks at home, which will annoy them. In addition, this month, the Dragons will work under heavy pressure, and there will be many work-related social engagements.  
February (February 20th – March 21st, 2023)
The Dragons will not have a very good interpersonal relationship this month. They will do terrible things impulsively and incur verbal disputes. In terms of health, they should not eat raw and cold food, otherwise it may cause serious gastrointestinal diseases.
Leap February (March 22nd – April 19th, 2023)
The Dragons should not cherish too much expectation and illusion on financial income this month. They should not engage in high-risk investment and financial management under the instigation of other people because it may bring them serious financial losses. This month, they can consider traveling or business trips, which can change their own unfavorable surroundings and atmosphere.
March (April 20th – May 18th, 2023)
The Dragons will have a good luck in both career and favor from patrons. However, as there will be fierce internal competition in the company, the Dragons will feel very stressful. So, they must maintain a positive and optimistic mentality se should not set too high goals for themselves. At the same time, when getting along with peer colleagues, they should take special care and precautions.
April (May 19th – June 17th, 2023)
The Dragons will be extremely busy with work this month. There will be a lot of work tasks and many trivial things for them to deal with personally so that the Dragons cannot have their own rest time. So, they may give themselves one day or two off work to take a good rest, and they can sleep at home or do yoga and other exercises to relieve stress.
May (June 18th – July 17th, 2023)
Although the Dragons may earn a lot of money this month, they will still have a particularly large expense such as the expense for social engagements and domestic living expense, which will all make the Dragons feel pressurized to a certain extent. As such, they should try to be frugal and avoid unnecessary spendings to save money.
June (July 18th – August 15th, 2023)
The Dragons will have a very good luck this month and they will be in a very good mood this month. They will receive plenty of pleasant surprises. The Dragons may also go out for a dinner with colleagues or go on a trip with family members. At the same time, there will be a lot of quality dating partners, which is worth anticipating.
July (August 16th – September 14th, 2023)
This month, the Dragons must strengthen the physical exercise, and they should also keep a regular diet and lifestyle. Particularly, those who have chronic illnesses should go for a comprehensive physical examination. They will perform well in career and relationship, and they can achieve good results in these aspects.
August (September 15th – October 14th, 2023)
This month will be a month of conflict and clash for the Dragons. The Dragons should go out more frequently, which will help them make money in exotic places. However, when getting along with others, they should not speak too bluntly so as to avoid offending others. In terms of relationship, they may have conflicts and disputes with their partners, which may even lead to breakup or divorce.
September (October 15th – November 12th, 2023)
This month, the Dragons will have a constant source of inspiration, and their intuition will also be particularly acute. They will be able to make a considerable amount of money through investment and financial management. However, they have a bad luck in dealing with their subordinates. They will be prone to the betrayal of their subordinates, which may even result in the hindering of the progress of their company's major projects.
October (November 13th – December 12th, 2023)
This month, whether in the workplace or in life, there will be many problems. The Dragons will feel overwhelmed, physically and mentally exhausted. They may suffer from serious mental problems. So, they must properly handle the trouble in front of them, and they should not have any escape mentality.
November (December 13th, 2023 – January 10th, 2024)
The Dragons can get the help of their patrons this month. They should not worry if they encounter problems at work because they will be able to get out of the trouble very soon. However, their home residence may be troubled with water leakage or noise. They must contact the property management company in time to solve the problems, otherwise it may damage their houses at home.
December (January 11th – February 9th , 2024)
The Dragons should pay attention to the health of the elders in the family. In their family life, the Dragons should learn to restrain and tolerate, and there will be no need to quarrel over trivial matters. If they want to improve the fortune of their home, they can consider buying new furniture or decorating their home in a new style.

January (February 1st - March 2nd, 2022)
The Dragons may need to deal with a lot thigs in January 2022. In particularly, they will be very busy at work. However, no matter how busy they are, they should take time to be with their families because families are their greatest motivation.
February (March 3rd – March 31st, 2022)
In February 2022, the Dragons shall take special care to develop good a work and rest habit. In terms of diet, they should also control their diet. Especially for the obese Dragons, obesity will seriously affect their health and well-being in their later years.
March (April 1st – April 30th, 2022)
In March, people born under the dragon may have to face all kinds of troubles. It is very likely that they have put in a lot of effort in their work and career but have no reasonable return. They may even be questioned by colleagues or leaders around them.
April (May 1st - May 29th, 2022) 
The business of the Dragons in April will generally go very well and they will have a very good fortune this month. The dragons who do business can make a fortune based on their good fortune this month.
May (May 30th- June 28th, 2022)
The most important thing that the Dragons need to do in May is to have good patience. As their career may develop relatively slowly, and if they are too anxious and impatient, they will not get satisfied results. As such, if the time has not yet arrived, they should not act hastily and rashly. Instead, when the time comes, they should seize the opportunity against the difficulties and act positively.
June(June 29 – July 28th, 2022) 
In June, the Dragons will have a generally stable life in all aspects. There will be no big storm and volatility in their life. However, they need to keep faithful to their partners and resist the temptation from the outside world.
July (July 29th – August 26th, 2022) 
In July, the Dragons may have to face greater career and work pressure. They will be very likely to have less time and opportunities to stay together with their families. As such, they need to make a proper plan this month.
August (August 27th – September 25th, 2022)
In August 2022, the most important thing that the Dragons need to pay special attention to will be their health issues. Particularly for those who have chronic diseases or gastrointestinal disorders, they should take special care and maintain a good diet and rest habit.
September (September 26th – October 24, 2022)
This month, the Dragons may confront plenty of uncertainties. It will be very likely that they will face fierce job competition in the workplace, and more difficult domestic problems in the families. As such, they will need to use their wisdom to solve these problems.
October (October 25 – November 23rd, 2022)
The Dragons need to do a lot of things in October 2022. Although they will have the help of the patrons in their careers, they still need their own efforts so that they can make greater achievements in their careers.
November (November 24th – December 22nd, 2022)
In November, the Dragons need to make clear plan and set goals at work. As long as they move towards their goals, there will not be too many problems. Of course, they should also pay attention to the routine expenses this month.
December (December 23rd, 2022 – January 21st, 2023)
The Dragons may have an overall relatively good luck in all respects. They will have a very good working state and attitude. Certainly, they also need to take care of their wealth.