Chinese Names for Dragon Year People/Babies

Characters Auspicious for People of Dragon Zodiac Sign

1. 星、云、霖、霈、辰、晨、腾、农、浓、侬、振
Dragon likes to fly among the sun, moon and stars in the sky. Therefore, it’s auspicious to see Chinese characters with the radicals of ''星'' (meaning: star), ''云'' (meaning: cloud) and ''辰'' (meaning: celestial bodies) in name.

2. 水、冰、江、沈、汪、注、沛、泳、淳、海、涵、清、洁、潮、浏、瀚
Chinese characters with the radicals of ''氵'' and ''水'' (which are related to water) is good to be used in name. Dragon is fond of water and rain and it is regarded as ''the God of Rain'' in charge of water in Chinese culture, thus the characters with the above radicals are well suited with the Dragon's place.

3. 大、王、君、玲、琴、五、珍、珠、琳、琪、瑷、瑜、瑶、璞、璋、环、琼
It’s good to see Chinese characters with the radicals of ''王'', ''君'', ''大'', ''帝'', ''令'', ''主'' and ''长'' (which are related to monarch) because the Dragon ranks first in Chinese people's mind and always issues orders.

4. 日、月、青、有、旺、清、早、明、昆、易、星、晶、景、普、晴、暖、晖、畅
Good to select Chinese characters with the radicals of ''日'' (meaning: Sun) and ''月'' (meaning: Moon) because the Dragon is fond of pearls while the Sun and the Moon are its favorites, which can enrich you Dragon people's inner world.

5. 有、存、育、彦、真、升、冰、冶
Chinese characters with the radicals of '厶'' and ''冫'' (which mean raising head) in name benefit the dragon people because the Dragon likes to raise its head to show its power and cultivate its people. If the Dragon lowers its head, it will surrender to others.

6. 子、享、孚、孟、承、孳、学、李、壬、甲、绅、砷、袁
Chinese characters or characters with the radicals of ''申'', ''袁'', ''子'' and ''壬'' (which are related to Monkey and Rat) are good to be used because the earthly branches ''申'' of Monkey and ''子'' of Rat are compatible with the earthly branch ''辰'' of Dragon.

7. 马、冯、驻、骋、腾、骞
Chinese characters with the radicals of ''马'' and ''午'' (which are related to Horse) favors the Dragon people because Dragon and Horse work together will be energetic and positive to create the bright future.

Characters Inauspicious for People of Dragon Zodiac Sign

1. 戌、成、诚、茂、晟、狄、猛、犹、猷、获、献、威
Chinese characters with the radicals of ''戌'', ''犭'' and ''犬'' (which are related to Dog) harm the people born in the Dragon year if used in name. This is because the earthly branch ''辰'' of Dragon conflict with the earthly branch ''戌'' of Dog, which is the worst situation in choosing a name according to Chinese Zodiac.

2. 虹、蜀、蜜、蝶、融、萤、蝉
Chinese characters with the radical of ''虫'' (meaning: insect) should be avoided because tiger is also named large insect in Chinese language. In Chinese culture, there is usually a fierce competition between the Dragon and Tiger. The characters with the radical of  ''虫'' indicate the fight between the Dragon and the Tiger.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Surnames

It would be preferable to select the following surnames for the people born in the Dragon year.
孔、李、孟、孙、承、丞、永、冰、郭、洪、汪、泰、江、游、池、沉、温、马、冯、许、丁、袁、侯、申、牛、钮、郑、斐、翁、邬、金、谭、姚、王、彭、潘、常、陈 and etc.
The Dragon people should avoid choosing the following surnames:
巴、朱、徐、倪、佟、张、熊、姜、庞、龙、龚、农、柳、刘、张、连、毛、成、武、盛、狄、姜、卢、岳、方、石、田、申、司、吴、吕、谷、高、宫、祝、商、哈、黄、苗、程、严、萧、康 and etc.

Click for more common Chinese surnames or Hundred Family Surnames.

Lucky Given Names for Male and Female Born in the Year of Dragon

Following are decent and elegant given names for male and female Dragons.

Auspicious Two-Words Given Names:
For Male: 霈霖、泳淳、君令、旺清、学昆、育存、潮瀚
For Female: 沛玲、玉琴、玉环、育琼、明珠、晶晶、青云、真珍

Auspicious One-Word Given Names:
For Male: 星、云、晨、振、泳、海、清、琪、瑜、瑶、青、旺、昆、星、晖、畅、冶、腾、骞
For Female: 珍、云、冰、涵、洁、玲、珠、琳、琼、晶、晴、真

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