Personality Traits of Dragon


1. Vigorous, full of vitality and strength;

2. Ambitious, fearless of difficulties, try to make everything perfect;

3. Unrestrained, frank, honest, seldom act meanly and bad or stir up enmity;

4. Strong self-consciousness, dislike to act on others' instigation, always plan and act alone;

5. Just, resourceful, talented and born to be a leader.


1. Emotional and irritable;

2. Arrogant and disdainful;

3. Extraordinary talent, overconfident and domineering;

4. Sometimes can't stand setbacks and tests;

5. Subjective, stubborn, crave for greatness and success, can't stand any flaw, like to criticize others.

Male and Female Dragons Personality

Male Dragon Personality: Male Dragons are generally well-built, energetic and always tireless and have ambitious goals and grand blueprints for the future. In case of emergency, they can keep a cool head, make decisions quickly and act like a king. However, the unyielding Dragon men are sometimes over confident and face-saving.

Female Dragon Personality: Female Dragons, with lofty ideals and a strong sense of responsibility, can work consciously for the benefit of others and do everything in a bold and resolute manner. They like to fight fiercely and indomitably and choose to go right to the end with what they have begun. Though talented and capable, they are usually in a passive position due to their proud and grandiose side.

Dragon People's Personality by Five Elements

The Dragon people of different elements have different personalities. Click the following links to get personalities for five types of Dragons.
Fire Dragon: 1976 (Jan. 31, 1976 - Feb. 17, 1977)
Wood Dragon: 1964 (Feb. 13, 1964 - Feb. 01, 1965)
Water Dragon: 1952 (Jan. 27, 1952 - Feb. 13, 1953) or 2012 (Jan. 23, 2012 - Feb. 09, 2013)
Metal Dragon: 1940 (Feb. 09, 1940 - Jan. 26, 1941) or 2000 (Feb. 05, 2000 - Jan. 23, 2001)
Earth Dragon: 1928 (Jan. 23, 1928 - Feb. 09, 1929) or 1988 (Feb. 17, 1988 - Feb. 05, 1989)

Dragon People's Personality by Blood Types

Dragon People Born in Different Periods of a Day

The dragon people born in different periods of a day have different personalities and fortune:

Good luck usually comes early for the dragon people born in the morning. Most of them can attain great distinction at an early age. At the age of thirty-five would be the peak stage of their fortune. After this time, a stagnant stage will come and they are hard to gain revolutionary headway. If they can breakthrough the predicament with the assistant of interpersonal relationship, there still will be more success in the future. Or, like the proud dragon repents, they will be on a downward trajectory.
The dragon people born at noon are usually big dreamers and risk-takers. They are unpredictable people who can play their imagination to the extreme. They would not like to seek fame and wealth. Also they don't stick at trifles and have the way of great generals. Because of the personality of don't bother about trifles, they are often lack of consideration and can't attend to one thing without neglecting the other. Thus, their fortune in career is full of twists and turns. After passing through some ordeals, good luck will favor them. So, good fortune usually comes late for the dragon people born at noon.
The dragon people born in the evening are dragons hiding in deep waters. They look very lazy when you sometimes see them sitting and watching TV the whole day long. While, once doing things, they are more enthusiastic, devoted, and enterprising than others. They usually can finish the tasks well at one go. Therefore, they are fit to work and show their abilities in arts and sports worlds. When there are no performances or matches, they can sit around. Once the task comes, they can fling all their energies into work. Besides, the religious occupation which needs to preach ardently and persuade others fit them well.

Detailed Character Analysis of Dragons

Dragon is a kind of imaginary animal which is admired by Chinese people and called the ''king''. In China, the dragon is a symbol of emperor or man and it represents the power. Dragon people are usually ambitious and they are strong, never afraid of difficulties and hardships. They like to shoulder heavy loads and take important responsibilities. They belong to the animal sign of success but are also arrogant and crave for power.

The weather conditions of Dragon people's birth time have a significant impact on their future life. Generally, those born in the stormy days will take on a stormy and adventurous life path and experience more dangers and hardships. Those born in the peaceful days will be protected and they are often very cute.

In China, dragon symbolizes emperor who is authoritative and can guide people forward. Dragons are usually energetic, positive, optimistic, and aggressive. No matter at work or in life, they are responsible and always advance bravely, playing a pioneer role. With lofty ideas, they are highly self-conscious, straightforward, and rarely sloppy, thus talented and wise leaders.

People under the Dragon sign are generous, and full of vitality and strength. For them, life is the colorful and jumping flame.

Since Dragon people are proud, lofty, and very straightforward, they often set up ideals very early and require others to have the same high standards.

Dragons are very confident in themselves, especially in their future, and they never admit defeat.

If you cooperate with the Dragon people, you will find they are beautiful and have a lot of good quality, so they are widely popular.

Where Dragon people are on the scene, they will attract the attention of others to follow their thinking. They can stimulate the passion of everyone but don't need the motivation of others because they can produce enough energy on their own.

Dragon people seldom talk in a roundabout way but as if referring to the royal law.

When they are provoked, they will be quite rude and never consider others.

Dragon people are mighty, decisive yet not cunning and tricky.

For what need to do immediately, Dragon people will act personally rather than through writing a letter or making a call.

Dragon people have the potential to do great things because they like to act aggressively. However, they will burn themselves into a light smoke if can't control premature passion. They tend to be crazy and always make a splash no matter what they do.

It is very difficult, even impossible to compete with Dragon people because they often threat those who dare to challenge them in the means of intimidation.

They are neither lavish nor stingy; instead, they are very generous and never care about their bank balance.

Dragon people are self-centered, biased, arbitrary, and whimsical, and they tend to have high requirements or persist unreasonably but are always admired. They either get married very early or keep single and they live a happy single life, because work and career occupy all the life and they are accompanied by friends and admirers.

Despite the strengths, the confident Dragons also have some shortcomings, one of which is the short temper. When they decide to do something, they usually act immediately rather than stopping to watch.

Confidence is one of the Dragon people's strengths but sometimes overconfident becomes aggressive, which is adverse to their career development, and prone to hurt people around and lose many friends.

Just like the Virgoans in Horoscope, Dragon people are perfectionists but it is not a good thing to go for perfect crazily. No matter in life or work, they usually criticize others for the poor ability out of their perfectionist attitude.

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