The Meaning of Mother/Mother-In-Law in Dreams

In your dream, mother/mother-in-law is a symbol of desired understanding and support to the problems in life. Compared with father who is a symbol of authority and social order in dreams, mother also symbolizes morality. The dream about mother may indicate your inquiry on your inner moral consciousness. Also, the dream of mother may suggest you have no sense of security and are helpless about everything around, thus need to be cared or require some clear guidance. If you often dream about your mother, however, it implies you are quite dependent, cannot get out of her shelter and usually feel insecure.
Mother brings you to the world and symbolizes your life span and health. The relationship with your mother in the dream reflects your recent state of life. For example, if your mother held you in her arms in the dream, it means you will get help from family and have everything go well. Conversely, if you were blamed by your mother, it implies you will be in conflict with someone else and should watch your behavior to prevent a mishap.
For you adults and young, the dream of mother shows that you are energetic in work and study, and living a satisfied and happy life.
The dream of deceased mother is a symbol of longevity, or suggests you have failed to adapt to the environment and should be careful to be misled by the evil to a wrong road or develop the bad habit. For senior citizens, the dream of deceased mother symbolizes the declined health.
If you dreamed that your mother fell ill or passed away, it indicates she will enjoy longevity. Also, it is a sign of declined family property or problem in your work and position.
If you dreamed that your mother passed away and came back to life again (dead mother being alive), it indicates something bad, such as illness and bad fortune. 
If you dreamed that your mother called you, it suggests you are irresponsible, dandiacal and walking on a wrong path.
If you dreamed that your mother became a bride or held a wedding, it reminds you that she is in great danger and might be seriously ill or pass away.
If your mother was anxious and worried in the dream, it implies you are at risk and your future is unpredictable.
If your mother was crying in the dream, it is not necessarily a bad thing as it may indicate you will go independent or fall in love.
If you dreamed that your mother took good care of you, it suggests the progress in love.
If you dreamed that you mother waved her hand to stop you from a bus or train, it reminds you to stop the current thing or plan as the future is very dangerous.
If your mother pursued or squeezed you terribly in the dream, it means you have a sense of guilt for her due to something wrong, or you are in moral condemnation and emotional torture.
If your mother lost temper at you or scolded you in the dream, it predicts you will be in an accident and should be careful and watch your health.
If your mother beat you in the dream, it suggests that you should control your emotions and avoid impulse as you may act on impulse to conflict with or hurt someone else, and cause a loss.
If your mother stood at your bedside and looked at you with concern, it implies she might be in a mishap or you are in danger.

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