Grandma, Dead Grandmother Dream Meanings

Dream of Your Alive Grandma

The dream is commonly seen among adults, who usually talk with their grandmas in the dream. If your grandma is alive, the dream reminds you that you are in a certain unspeakable difficulty or plight but you can solve it once take a positive attitude and seek good support.

Dreaming about getting money from your grandma suggests the good fortune in the near future and the tendency of waste, so you should be moderate in shopping.

If you dreamed that your grandma took something out of her pocket or package for you and you were happy and cherished the thing, it suggests you will have good fortune; if you thought the thing was insignificant, it means the highly expected investment will end in failure and you will suffer losses.

Dream of Your Deceased Grandma

Dreaming of your deceased grandma indicates you miss her very much. According to The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou (周公解梦), the dream means good luck or good news that will make you happy in the near future. Also, it suggests certain shortcomings in behaving and conducting and has the meaning of warning. At the same time, it indicates you are in poor health because of the heavy Yin and you need to spend more time with the male members in your family and bath your feet with hot water. The dream may also show the strained relation with your family.

Dreaming of talking with your deceased grandma suggests something bad and you need to be careful.

If you dreamed that your deceased grandma smiled to you, it means you will have good luck and get the chance to meet more new friends, showing your excellent social skills. If you are in business, the dream suggests poor luck and some problems in business. If you are single, it suggests good luck and predicts you will meet someone pretty nice under the family arrangement, so you should take the chance.

If you dreamed that your deceased grandma wanted to take you away, it suggests some accidents around and reminds you to be careful, or the disaster may happen to you.

If you dreamed that your deceased grandma was cooking, it indicates the health problems, especially intestines and stomach illness, so you should never eat and drink too much, or you will suffer from it.

If you dreamed that your deceased grandma was working, it means the job transfer or house moving of your family.

The dream of hugging your deceased grandma implies a certain failure but don't be discouraged, and you will succeed once you take more efforts.

If you dreamed that your deceased grandma came to life again, it means you are emotional and in bad mood which might be caused by sleep insufficiency, and you should have more rest. Fortunately, you will have a better relationship with your family and enjoy a happy family life.

If you are pregnant and dreamed of your deceased grandma, it implies your baby will be blessed by the ancestors and grow up healthily.

Lastest Questions and Answers

Reaccuring dream of passed grandma chasing me (1 Reply ) Asked by A***t

I have been having a reaccuring dream about my grandma who has been dead for quite some time now so in my dream I am at the marae attending her tangi when she gets out of her Coffin and chase's me just chases me

My grandmother already pass away but it's my send time to dream about her (0 Reply ) Asked by J***e

I was in out house with my sister arranging clothes, I saw my old clothes shiny dark color cardigan and it's long I wear then go outthen went to my aunties house, I saw her daughter in laws and asked she said she's not there while she look her herself in mirror I enter inside and saw one old lady seating after that I saw my grandmother laying on bed with an open long hair she stood and walk past while and trying to help her to walk but she's walk and I said oh grandma walk past then she clean herself and when I look at her the side is like my mother, then I saw boy had blackeyed and told him come with and you will not experienced that again when he look at me his face eyed down is coming clear but his not talking and I look other boy little similar to him. I went back inside to my grandmother and she trying touching her clothes side to give me money and told me don't go now. On other chair two lady and one there. Having one stone with silver gray, she Wright but not say the weight.she gave to other guy and weight and he said it's 4.5 only he gave to other lady and same lady call other guy by phone and said it's less and the guy reply it's 6. What does it mean.

My first dream to my grandmother was I went to her house and kiss her both cheec (1 Reply ) Asked by J***e

And greet her Merry Christmas and Happy new year and I saw like polka dots on her face and saw one lady inside house having a cake after kissing my grandma and look again inside that lady was not there. Then my grandma was sitting she said that she want to cook but she's cleaning big fish and she told me to take casserole. What does it means.

Dream about going to Human Realm (1 Reply ) Asked by E***n

I dream about something weird. In that dream I was in a palace, with a big hall and everybody can fly, including me. I fly arround the palace and I reallize it was in the sky. After that, one woman come approach me, she wear white dress and then she said to me "Let's go, I will take you for a walk to human realm. After that, both of us suddenly arrive in one village, we turn into like normal human. Then I saw a big area in the middle of the village, and I saw a lot of people are doing butchering to the cow, sheep, chicken, pig and it was a lot of blood, then a lot of people come to take the meat. I feel horrible, disgusting and creepy for seeing that things. Then, we go to enter a small street, and it was like a market area. But the weird things is, there is no buyer at all, just 2 of us only (me and the "Guan Yin" that turn into human), and all the store seller is old grandma and old grandpa. When I see arround, all the stuffs they sell is broken stuffs, like rotten fruit, dull clothes, and all broken things, all the grandma and grandpa look so sad. Suddenly, when we passed by, one grandma call me and she said "Young man, please buy my flower". When I see, she selling withered flower, and she continue speaking "Please buy my withered flower" with sad face. Then I search my pocket and look there is silver coin, so I gave it to the grandma, and she say thanks with a sad smile. After that, the woman talk to me, "This is it the human realm, everybody even the old one, still needs money and they cant live without money". Suddenly I see a man that buying a stuff from one grandpa, we see each other without speaking, and I realize he is the same with me that come to that place to help the people. After that, I woke up. Please help about this mysterious dream meaning, thanks.

Dream abt my deceased grandmother (1 Reply ) Asked by O***

My grandmother passed away on may 2017. And today, I dreamt that i was wearing a wedding gown, and When we preparing to march in. I told him i forgot to wear our wedding ring. And he says:" its okay, we can continue the ceremony. " And then, someone took my hand and ask me to show her to her seat. I couldnt see her face. But from the feel and touch of hands, i knew its my grandma. I knew she wasnt alive, i knew she came to my dream. I was so excited, and i keep calling her 'ah ma' and hold both of her hands tight and close to me. She was trying to tell me things, alot of things. But i couldnt hear clearly at all. I asked her to say loud n clear, and i can feel that she is trying very hard to tell me. She just keep talking But i just couldn't hear. Anxiously, i going to tear. And meanwhile we just keep holding each other hands so tightly. And when i hugged her, i lost her. thats when i woke up.