Grandma, Dead Grandmother Dream Meanings

Dream of Your Alive Grandma

The dream is commonly seen among adults, who usually talk with their grandmas in the dream. If your grandma is alive, the dream reminds you that you are in a certain unspeakable difficulty or plight but you can solve it once take a positive attitude and seek good support.

Dreaming about getting money from your grandma suggests the good fortune in the near future and the tendency of waste, so you should be moderate in shopping.

If you dreamed that your grandma took something out of her pocket or package for you and you were happy and cherished the thing, it suggests you will have good fortune; if you thought the thing was insignificant, it means the highly expected investment will end in failure and you will suffer losses.

Dream of Your Deceased Grandma

Dreaming of your deceased grandma indicates you miss her very much. According to The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou (周公解梦), the dream means good luck or good news that will make you happy in the near future. Also, it suggests certain shortcomings in behaving and conducting and has the meaning of warning. At the same time, it indicates you are in poor health because of the heavy Yin and you need to spend more time with the male members in your family and bath your feet with hot water. The dream may also show the strained relation with your family.

Dreaming of talking with your deceased grandma suggests something bad and you need to be careful.

If you dreamed that your deceased grandma smiled to you, it means you will have good luck and get the chance to meet more new friends, showing your excellent social skills. If you are in business, the dream suggests poor luck and some problems in business. If you are single, it suggests good luck and predicts you will meet someone pretty nice under the family arrangement, so you should take the chance.

If you dreamed that your deceased grandma wanted to take you away, it suggests some accidents around and reminds you to be careful, or the disaster may happen to you.

If you dreamed that your deceased grandma was cooking, it indicates the health problems, especially intestines and stomach illness, so you should never eat and drink too much, or you will suffer from it.

If you dreamed that your deceased grandma was working, it means the job transfer or house moving of your family.

The dream of hugging your deceased grandma implies a certain failure but don't be discouraged, and you will succeed once you take more efforts.

If you dreamed that your deceased grandma came to life again, it means you are emotional and in bad mood which might be caused by sleep insufficiency, and you should have more rest. Fortunately, you will have a better relationship with your family and enjoy a happy family life.

If you are pregnant and dreamed of your deceased grandma, it implies your baby will be blessed by the ancestors and grow up healthily.

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