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    Prediction Ways

    To be a boy or a girl? It’s always a hot topic for mother-to-be and father-to-be. During the ten-month pregnancy period, the most interesting thing is no more than guessing the baby’s gender. Although there are some scientific ways to predict the baby’s sex such as Ultrasonic scanning, more people like to use some popular and traditional ways to predict. The ways are various from using the Chinese baby gender chart, observing physical and diet changes of the mother-to-be after pregnancy to interpreting pregnancy dreams. Following are some of the ways to predict baby’s gender which are very popular in China. Why not take a look in your leisure time. No matter what the result will be, it’s a great fun to do the test.

    Chinese Baby Gender Chart

    Handed down from the palace of Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911 AD), the Chinese baby gender chart is greatly used for people to predict baby’s gender. It’s created based on the traditional Chinese theories of Zhouyi (I Ching), Yin Yang (positive and negative principle in nature), Five Element and Ba Gua (eight trigrams). Originally, it was only used for royal families and managed by court officials of different dynasties. Later, it circulates among the people. The prediction is only for the mother-to-be and the gender is calculated based on her Chinese lunar age at the time of conception and lunar conception month.  
    Predict Baby's Gender

    2018 Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart
    Chinese Baby Gender Selector - Choose Your Baby's Sex with Chinese Baby Gender Chart

    Some Easy Ways Popular in China

    There are some easy ways to predict baby’s gender which are very popular in China. It’s mainly judged by observing the mother’s body, facial, diet, pulse and other changes after getting pregnant. For example, it’s thought to be a boy if the belly is small and pointed. In opposite, the big and round belly indicates a girl. Click to find out more Easy Ways to Predict Baby’s Gender.


    In China, there are many kinds of formulas used in predicting baby’s sex. Among them, two of the mostly used ones are:

    Formula One:
    49 + (Mother’s Chinese lunar conception month) – (the Chinese lunar age at the time the mother got pregnant) + 19
    If the result is an odd number, it indicates a boy. And an even number indicates a baby girl.
    For Mother’s Chinese lunar conception month, you should use Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter tool in Chinese Calendar page to get.
    For Chinese lunar age, the formula is:
    (Mother’s Chinese lunar conception year) – (Mother’s Chinese lunar year of birth) + 1. You also need to use the Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter as above.

    Formula Two:
    (Father’s last two numbers in birth year + birth month + birth day) + (Mother’s last two numbers in birth year + birth month + birth day) + (conception month) – 19
    If you get an odd number, it indicates a boy. An even number indicates a baby girl.
    Note: The above formula is based on Gregorian calendar. You don’t need to change the dates into Chinese lunar dates.

    Baby Gender Prediction by Reading Parents' Face or Palm

    Through reading the face of parents, the baby's gender could be predicted. The face reading of both husband and wife is required. Click Baby Gender Prediction by Reading Parents’ Face to predict now.

    In Chinese palmistry, the children lines could indicates the baby’s number and gender for a person in her life. The lines of children are the upright lines below the base of little finger and above the marriage line. The deep lines indicate the birth of male children while the short and shallow lines suggest the birth of female children. Click to learn more about Children Line.

    Another method is to observe the formation of the skin outside the mount of Mercury (located at the base of the little finger) when the mother clenches her right fist. If the skin is pointed, you may carry a baby boy. It it’s rounded, a girl in most cases. Also, you could observe the horizontal lines there. It’s said the long and deep line indicates boy and shallow one girl. However, this method is only useful for the mother who got pregnant for the first time.
    The human’s dream usually hints numerous information and knowledge. It’s said the pregnancy dreams could predict baby’s gender. Chinese people think if you see carrot, cucumber, pumpkin, potato, snake, turtle, tiger etc., in the dream, it indicates you will get a baby boy. Egg, strawberry, butterfly, apple, tomato, plum flower, pigeon etc. in the dream shows you may have a baby girl in most cases.
    Pregnancy Dreams Predicting a Baby Boy
    Pregnancy Dreams Predicting a Baby Girl

    Scientific Ways to Predict Baby's Gender

    With the development of technology, there are many scientific ways to predict your baby’s gender. Ultrasound Scan, Amniocentesis, Chorionic Villus Sampling and Blood Test are some common ways. However, some countries don’t allow people to do gender prediction test before giving birth.
    Scientific Ways to Predict Baby’s Gender
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