Dream About Doctor Meanings and Interpretation

Doctors, the nearest population to patients, are most susceptible to infectious diseases. In dreams, doctor usually indicates disease. Therefore, dreaming about a doctor is not a good omen.

When you dream about a doctor, it can be your concern about the health of your family or yourself, or indicate that you will get sick or need help. Sometimes the gentle and cultivated doctor taking care of you in the dream can be the image of your parents in childhood.
Dreaming about a doctor implies your family will fall ill one after another, which means a lot of medical expenses. So such a dream also implies financial losses.

If you dream that you talked to or consulted with a doctor, it shows you will be in health and free of disease.

If you are sick and dream that you talked to a doctor, it indicates your illness will take a turn for the better.

If you are sick and healed by now, dreaming about a doctor suggests the illness can repeat or worsen, making you collapse suddenly.

If you dream that you quarreled with a doctor, it can be a sign of bad luck or loss.

Dreaming about youself becoming a doctor suggests you may suffer setbacks or get dismissed in career, or take a knock in business.

If you dream that your husband was a doctor, it reminds you to be careful of gynecological diseases, uterine health and other problems.

Dreaming about socializing with a doctor suggests you will have a successful career and money will roll in even if you ask no one for help.

Dreaming about being visited by a doctor implies someone in your family will get sick and cost you a lot.

If you dream that you called in a doctor, it indicates you may establish a good relationship with the venerable elders.

If you dream that a pharmacist dispensed in the pharmacy, it can be a sign of health disorders, and reminds you to look after your health.

If you dream that you got a certain contagious disease and immediately took the drugs prescribed by a doctor, it implies you may have to end the current career or the ongoing plan.

If you dream that a doctor used a stethoscope on you, it indicates you must follow the leader's instructions to work step by step, or implies either your company or you will be investigated.

If you dream that you had an appoinment wih the doctor and visited a doctor, he/she diagnosed you were in good health, it shows you will be greatly appreciated by the leadership at work.

Dreaming about working as a doctor or nurse's mate implies an unstable life or business full of twists and turns.

If you are a young man and dream that you were engaged to a doctor, it reminds you to watch out for scams.

Dreaming about looking after a doctor or nurse implies unstable business full of ups and downs or troubled life.

If you dream that a doctor diagnosed and treated patients, it implies a depressing disease or a dispute between family members.

If you dream that a surgeon operated on you but there was no blood, it implies someone evil will torture or hurt you, and you may go bankrupted to repay him/her. If there was blood in the dream, it indicates that some of your transactions will end in failure.

If you were ill and went to see a doctor but all the hospitals were closed in the dream, it reflects that you are anxious about finding a solution to the current problem, or that you are aware of the potential crisis in the development yet anxious about finding no direction and way out.

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