Dream about Husband Meanings

The dream of your husband had an affair with another woman shows your fear in reality. In most cases, it means you feel you are cheated or your husband doesn't give you enough love and care, or you worry about, miss and care for him subconsciously. Generally, it suggests your worry about his situation in work or career, or his safety in business trip.
The dream of divorcing your husband reflects what you think about in the day. But don't worry because dreams usually imply the opposite. Just pay more attention to your relationship and maintain it carefully.

Dreaming about marrying your husband again implies the plain marriage life and your hope of reviewing the sweet wedding and desire for the fresh and exciting life.

Dreaming about fighting with your husband and making a divorce suggests you are living a stressful life recently, there are some disputes hard to solve and you are in strained relationship. You should try to understand him and improve the mutual understanding.

If you dreamed that you were ill-treated by your husband who blamed your disloyalty, it means he respects and trusts you but you should be careful about another man's gallantry, which will be a trouble for you.

If you dreamed that you separated for a while but he got taller after coming back, it means he will engage in social activities and you should be more considerate and care more for him.
Dreaming about your husband getting sick implies he may have an affair and often bully you at home.

If you dreamed that your husband looked green and tired, it means you may get sick seriously or one of your family members will be bedridden.

Dreaming about your husband died implies you care about him very much and something happened during the day leads to your dream. Also, it indicates you will be surrounded by sadness and you are so tired that you need rest.

If you dreamed that your husband became a zombie, it predicts your relationship will be improved and there will be surprise in your life.

Dreaming about your husband was killed is a sign of making a fortune and it means you will live a happy and rich life.

Dreaming about your husband was killed with another woman implies some bad gossips and reminds you to believe your own judgment rather than keeping a blind faith on the gossips.

Dreaming about the death of your sick husband means he will recover soon.

If you quarrelled with your husband and dreamed about his death, it means you will make peace.
Dreaming about getting along well with your husband suggests he is outstanding and popular among women, and you should understand and care about him to make him love you more.

Dreaming about your husband was handsome and joyful suggests your family life is happy and you are promising.

If you are single, the dream of husband suggests you wish to be more charming and graceful.

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