Dream about Wife Meanings

Dreaming about sitting with your wife suggests you will enjoy the peaceful family life and have everything go well.

Dreaming about lying in bed with your wife means the happy family of one mind and the increase of income.

Dreaming about bathing with your wife implies the progress of your career and you will be prestigious in the industry.

Dreaming about hugging your wife suggests the conflict with your wife and you may separate or live apart.
If you dreamed that your wife had an extramarital affair with another man, don't be worry as it is a good sign which means you will get promoted, be envied by people around, and have better relationship with your wife. If you quarrelled with your wife recently and dreamed that she had an extramarital affair, it means you will make peace.

If you dreamed about your wife's adultery, it indicates your will be in terrible situation and should not lose temper easily, or you will lose more.

Dreaming of your wife dating with someone else implies you will be renowned or get promoted.
Dreaming of your wife marrying someone else suggests she may encounter a misfortune and you should take good care of her.

Dreaming about talking with your wife suggests you will separate temporarily.

Dreaming about quarrelling with your wife implies peaceful family and happy life. If you haven't seen your wife for a long time, the dream means you will see her soon.

Dreaming of a cold war with your wife suggests you are worrying about the thing you entrusted others but the result will be good.

Dreaming about quarrelling and fighting with your wife indicates the health of someone in your family will deteriorate sharply.

Dreaming of separation with your wife suggests you care about her so much in real life that you are afraid she will leave you, so you love her more.
Dreaming about your wife much younger than reality suggests the family happiness.

If you dreamed that your wife was mad, it means she will give you a happy and warm family and be kind to you no matter you have a good job or not.

If you dreamed that your wife died, it means she will live long and have a harmonious relationship with you.

If you dreamed that your wife was in a coma, it means she will give birth to a lovely baby.

If you dreamed that your wife suddenly fainted and fell into a stupor, it means she may miscarry and should check in a hospital on schedule to ensure the health of both mother and baby.

If you dreamed of your wife who has passed away, it means you will marry a well-educated woman helpful to your career.

If you dreamed that your wife got pregnant, it indicates you will have misfortune in the future and should be careful in everything.

If you dreamed that your wife was sick, it implies you may suffer financial or investment loss and should keep an eye on it.

If you dreamed that your wife quarrelled with someone else, it means she will fall ill.

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