Feng Shui Tips for Pregnant Lady

Feng Shui Tips for Pregnant Lady

The pregnancy lasting ten months is a magical journey, during which all aspects of life will affect the fetus and you should pay attention to every aspect in diet and life. Also, there are some Feng Shui tips for you pregnant women. For example, don't use scissor or needle on the bed, or your baby will be marred by a scar. What are other precautions during pregnancy?

Do Not Move House or Large Furniture during Pregnancy
This Feng Shui taboo is related to the Fetal God. Legend goes that if you pregnant move your house, the Fetal God will be affected; the God changes position every month but dislikes to have the position changed artificially. For instance, the fetus can move freely in the womb but its normal development will be affected if you massage or move it artificially.

Moving house requires labor and toil with both mind and body. For you pregnant, you will be more prone to accidents. Also, whether the Feng Shui of your new house is beneficial for you and your baby is unknown if you got pregnant in the old house. Therefore, you'd better not move your house during pregnancy. If you do need to move, you'd better choose an auspicious day according to your birthday and avoid the days which are in clash or inauspicious for your animal sign, or the days unsuitable for house moving. In addition, you pregnant woman should not participate in or witness the moving process; or you can buy a new broom, tie a strip of red cloth to the position where the head and handle intersect, and clean the new house with it.
Do not move the luggage, table and chair, cabinet, bed and other large furniture in your room at random, or it may affect the Fetal God and lead to miscarriage, habitual abortion or facial defect of baby.

Do Not Decorate Home
In western countries, people usually start to finish the baby room after pregnancy for the coming baby to sleep in. In Chinese culture, however, no decoration, groundbreaking or kitchen upgrade shall be made during pregnancy because home decoration may hurt the baby, and any sawing, drilling and tapping shall be avoided. In addition, the Qi field, sound and light of the environment will change after the decoration, making your baby cannot adapt or causing other negative effects.
Do Not Drive Nail at Random
You pregnant should not drive nail on the door, wall or bedside. If you drive nail on the door, you may scare away the Door God and the door will lose the function of blocking evil spirits from getting into your room, which will affect your health. If you drive nail on the bedside, you will have poor sleep and suffer from palpitation or other discomforts.
Do Not Touch Edge Tools
You pregnant should avoid touching kitchen knife and other edge tools which may affect the Fetal God incidentally, or make you get scared and lead to abortion.

Do Not Use Scissor on the Bed
In Chinese culture, bed is a symbol of birth and marriage. As a result, if you pregnant woman use scissor or any sharp object on the bed, it will mean cutting the umbilical cord or birth defect.

Do Not Attend Wedding or Funeral
In Chinese culture, the pregnant attending a wedding has the meaning of warding off the illness, which is bad for baby. It is same for funeral because the sad and negative mood is adverse to you.

Do Not Let Others Touch Your Shoulder
For Chinese people, touching shoulder means damaging the good luck. So, if you pregnant woman's shoulder is touched by someone, your good luck will disappear and your baby may get hurt.

Window Direction
If your window is toward a rockery or large rock in the park, you should be particularly careful as the rockery may lead to fetal instability, even miscarriage. Likewise, you'd better not put too many potted landscapes in your home.
The bedroom shall be bright in the day and well ventilated, so as to make you refreshed. At night, it should be dim and easy for you to fall asleep.
If your bedroom is too damp or have too much turbid air, it will be adverse to your pregnancy.
In 2017, the year of Fire Rooster 'Ding You', Tai Sui which is the Grand Duke Jupiter of the year is in the west while the direction of damaging Tai Sui and three evil spirits is east. Therefore, you should avoid sitting or sleeping in the above two directions, or you will disturb Tai Sui, which will be extremely unfavorable for you pregnant lady.
Since bathroom is a dirty place, the bedroom with a bathroom upstairs will be inauspicious. Also, it is not good to have a garage downstairs. The move of car or pedestrian will make the airflow and magnetic field unstable and lead to the problem of conception.
Bed position is quite important for the health of fetus, so you should avoid moving your bed randomly from pregnancy to birth.
Keep the area under your bed clean and tidy and do not place too much stuff or metal tool.
The bed sheets shall keep clean and tidy.
Do not hang a landscape painting or large picture above your headboard as it may affect your pregnancy. Also, avoid the dark pattern, abstract painting, ferocious beast painting and clock above or right ahead your headboard. You'd better have a pictorial of smiling baby right ahead your headboard which is beneficial to your body and mind, as well as your baby's good development. In short, the home decoration shall give priority to concise, bright and delightful pictures rather than animal patterns. Also, the auspicious items like Pi Xiu, tiger and elephant shall be hidden away temporarily, so as to avoid conflicting the Qi field around your baby.
Use Computer Less
Modern people use computer, photocopier and other equipment every day, but you pregnant should control the time and protect your belly with the anti-radiation product; while using the photocopier, you should make it stay away from your belly as far as possible or ask help from your colleague to avoid the bad influence on your baby's health.

Do Not Sit Towards the Company Gate
If you are a pregnant office lady, you should not sit at the position towards the company gate. If there is no choice, you may place potted plants to reduce the evil spirits from the gate; also, your seat shall have backing behind, such as a cupboard with potted plant.

Avoid the Unfavorable Direction
Avoid the directions of inauspicious star Wu Huang (五黄) and Er Hei (二黑). In 2017, the two stars are in south and northwest and you should not stay or move in these directions at home for a long time, or the health of you and your baby will be harmed.

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