I've dreamed that a celebrity was my mom.


Last night i've dreamed about a celebrity who i really admire being my mother, she is a famous singer who as of 2021, is 28 years old (this is written before she turns 28). she began her career as actress and started to build up a singing career. The thing that most intrigued me is that i remember every single thing about this dream, i attended one of her shows, and she called me backstage before it started, she hugged me as tight as she could, and said "i can't believe i've finally found you darling" and i hugged her back. Then she told me about my birth, and what happened, basically she said she suffered an attack and was sex*ally violated when she was 14. She then said she was pregnant, but when given a chance for ab*rtion she said no. So she gave birth to a girl on my birthday, but they took her away before she could even see her right, then she never saw her daughter again. After that she initiated her show and told the public about me, she hugged me on the stage with so much love and everyone cheered, and then she looked at me in the eyes and said, "I love you, okay? a lot." Then i woke up, and i remember every detail of it, I’m actually so intrigued by this dream i don't even know what else to say, can somebody help me?

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