Seeing Headless Person Dream Meanings

Since the brain represents one's thought, no head means no brain and the dream of headless person is often interpreted as the recent confusion and loss of goal. In addition, it also indicates you have felt your ability deficiency and need to study hard to improve your ability. In daily life, you may also be pushed out by others and should beware of your situation.

Dream about Headless Person

If you are a job seeker, dreaming about the headless person implies the rise of luck and more opportunities, and the headhunters may take the initiative to contact you. However, you think so much that you fail to cherish the present opportunity.
If you are a businessman, the dream suggests your luck for wealth is closely related with your family and you may employ the household reserve.
If you are a student, the dream implies that you have been far behind of your study and should put more efforts to improve your academic performance.
If you are young, the dream of headless ghost suggests you should respect the opinions of other people rather than act arbitrarily, and you can do something great with their power.
If you are starting a business, the dream suggests slightly rise of luck for wealth, your income is closely related to the performance of your team and most of your income will be spent for family and friends. Also, you are prone to the wrong guide of one-sided information in investment and your own analysis is quite important.
Dreaming about the head of a sitting person suddenly coming off suggests you are too nervous and stressed and you need to relax and adjust yourself.
Dreaming about a headless person crawling to you and trying to pinch you indicates that you should not act blindly.
Dreaming about a walking headless person implies that you cannot find the direction of your life, so you follow your instinct and miss a lot of good things.
Dreaming about being chased after by a headless person means you will make great achievements but should thank everyone who has helped you while being delighted for your own efforts.
Dreaming of many headless people presents your goal will be completed soon and you will have good luck with the opposite sex and be popular everywhere. It is fine to pamper yourself but remember to be modest in spending. You are busy about many things and can generally finish on time.
Dreaming of headless corpse implies you will have new opportunities in work or study found by yourself accidentally or introduced by others, and you may expect a job transfer or a new job.