Dream Meanings and Interpretation of Thief

It is common to dream about a thief. In general, the thief in your dream represents a kind of ''gain'' in love, position, fame and other aspects. The thief in your dream does not mean you will lose money and valuables, but indicates your fear of losing your love, land, reputation and so on or being stolen such things by others. Also, the dream about a thief implies you have been in an unstable mood recently and that your luck in making money has been up and down. Besides, it may also indicate your sexual misconduct.
Being stolen by a thief
The dream of being stolen by a thief suggests someone will hinder you from carrying out work and cause you losses.
Housebreaking by a thief
The dream about housebreaking by a thief symbolizes your feeling of being ignored at home. If you are unmarried, the dream suggests you are feeling that your parents don't care and love you so much as they did when you were a child. If you are married, the dream suggests you feel your partner doesn't love you as much as he/she used to. The dream also implies loss and your fear of losing the happiness you have now. At the same time, the dream reminds you to watch out in the near future and your family may suffer from a disaster.
A thief peeping at and looking around your home
The dream means you are sexually curious and voyeuristic. If the thief didn't find you and left, it means you have had a secret sex. If the thief found you and attacked you, it indicates that you have a burning desire recently.
A thief visited your house but didn't steal anything
It indicates you will head off a danger and be more scared than hurt. Also, the dream is a sign of your secret relationship and your fear of losing something once it is known by others. 
Your door was pried open by a thief
The dream suggests your worry about something you have to face.
Becoming a thief
If you were a thief in the dream, it means you are looking forward to a perfect love, a recognized position and more wealth. Such a dream also reminds you to keep working to gain happiness, or the unrealistic fantasy will remain a wish. The dream also implies good fortune and unexpected gains.
You were a thief chased by the police
The dream indicates your career and social relationship may be in trouble.
Someone you know became a thief
The dream indicates subconsciously you don't trust that person, although you may not be aware of it in life.
Beating a thief
It represents your confident and struggling psychology. In reality, you can effectively control the current progress and never fear any difficulty and resistance. You can make great achievements with unremitting efforts. The dream can also indicate a new and loyal friend.
Catching a thief
If you caught the thief in the dream, it shows you have good control ability. It is a good dream showing that you can cope with people or events that infringe on your own interests, and protect your property and reputation from damage in an effective manner. In terms of representative meaning, the dream implies your desire for love and sex.
Catching two thieves
It indicates poor luck in getting help and the thing you ask someone for help won't end well. Perhaps you need to paddle your own canoe.
Chasing or catching a thief
It means you will eventually gain the respect of your opponent in the contest.
Chasing a thief but losing in the busy market
The dream suggests a vile character around you.
Walking with a thief
The dream indicates you will make a fortune. 
Being attacked by a thief
The dream suggests a possible accident.
Being chased by a thief
It suggests something bad is going to happen.
A thief tried to kill you
The dream stands for your psychological gap and lack of self-confidence. You want to pursue better things but you are not confident enough and afraid of failure. At this time, you need to check whether your goal is realistic and set up reasonable goals to move step by step to success. In addition, you will be prone to such dreams when you are tired, weak and confused. It reminds you to adjust your current life properly.