dream about fire burn and monk


around 1.00am, I dreamed I was ironing my saree, when I lifted the iron to iron the saree, I saw the iron was too hot, then I kept the iron on a small board, after that I realized there was a little. fire burns on the surface of the wood. suddenly in my dream the iron turned into a cement stove, inside the cement stove and there were some clothes on fire, I lifted the stove outside the house, and put the cement stove in front of our china house. suddenly I dreamed that my youngest son came into my room, my husband invited him to sleep next to me, and my dream changed, an Indian monk with a Malay girl came to our house, in front of the house the Indian monk stood while the girl. pointing at my husband, me and my brother-in-law while shaking hands with us, after dreaming like this I woke up from sleep around 1.19am.

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