Dead friend in my dream covers me with blood


My friend was murdered a few years back. They never solved the case. Last night i had a dream she came to me in a dark tunnel and asked me to get her a bottle of alcohol. I asked my husband to go get it because she asked me to stay with her in the tunnel. While her and I were alone she started to bleed heavily thru her clothes and kept hugging me saying sorry and covering me with her blood where it looked like i was bleeding out but it was all hers. my husband came back with what looked like a bottle of jack daniels and gave it to me to give to her. she took a sip while my husband kept asking if i was ok and checking me for injuries cause i was soaked in her blood. The she said check on my daughter please and crawled into a vent in the tunnel and when i looked into the vent she was gone. I woke up very emotional and physically not feeling well. What could this dream mean? the blood was a dark red on me and some spots were light red like almost pink. does she need something from me? is she warning me of something? can anyone tell me what this means?

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