Dream abt my deceased grandmother


My grandmother passed away on may 2017.

And today, I dreamt that i was wearing a wedding gown, and When we preparing to march in. I told him i forgot to wear our wedding ring. And he says:" its okay, we can continue the ceremony. "

And then, someone took my hand and ask me to show her to her seat. I couldnt see her face. But from the feel and touch of hands, i knew its my grandma. I knew she wasnt alive, i knew she came to my dream.

I was so excited, and i keep calling her 'ah ma' and hold both of her hands tight and close to me.

She was trying to tell me things, alot of things. But i couldnt hear clearly at all. I asked her to say loud n clear, and i can feel that she is trying very hard to tell me. She just keep talking But i just couldn't hear. Anxiously, i going to tear. And meanwhile we just keep holding each other hands so tightly. And when i hugged her, i lost her. thats when i woke up.

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Hi OHm,

One situation is that you miss her during the daytime, so she appear in your dream. Judging from the plot of your dream, the dream reminds you that there may bad things happen to you in the not long future, you may quarrel with others or have problems in life. Your grandma just wanted to remind you something in dream.

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