My grandmother already pass away but it's my send time to dream about her


I was in out house with my sister arranging clothes, I saw my old clothes shiny dark color cardigan and it's long I wear then go outthen went to my aunties house, I saw her daughter in laws and asked she said she's not there while she look her herself in mirror I enter inside and saw one old lady seating after that I saw my grandmother laying on bed with an open long hair she stood and walk past while and trying to help her to walk but she's walk and I said oh grandma walk past then she clean herself and when I look at her the side is like my mother, then I saw boy had blackeyed and told him come with and you will not experienced that again when he look at me his face eyed down is coming clear but his not talking and I look other boy little similar to him. I went back inside to my grandmother and she trying touching her clothes side to give me money and told me don't go now. On other chair two lady and one there. Having one stone with silver gray, she Wright but not say the weight.she gave to other guy and weight and he said it's 4.5 only he gave to other lady and same lady call other guy by phone and said it's less and the guy reply it's 6. What does it mean.

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