2023 Chinese Horoscope For tiger

tiger Horoscope
Lucky Number: 2,7
Lucky Color: Green
The overall fortune of the Tigers will be very good in 2023. They will be blessed with the auspicious stars. In particular in the financial aspect, they can gain more financial resources and widen the paths to wealth.
2023 Horoscope for tiger born in: 1962 1974 1986 1998


* The prediction is valid for 2023 (year of the Rabbit) starting from Jan.22, 2023 and lasting to Feb.9, 2024.
Rating: 4 stars
The overall fortune of the Tigers will be very good in 2023. They will be blessed with the auspicious stars. In particular in the financial aspect, the favor of the auspicious star of "Ziwei" can help them gain more financial resources and widen the paths to wealth. At the same time, they will be smooth in the career and they will get the help of the auspicious star of "Wu Qu", and get the guidance and favor of patrons. They should take more care of their health because there will be some minor health problems especially in the liver.


Rating: 4 stars
The overall wealth fortune of the Tigers will be very good in 2023. This year, they can get the help of the two auspicious stars of "Ziwei" and "Tianfu". Their financial fortune will be fairly good. In particular, their financial luck in full-time business will be particularly good. As long as they can work hard in a down-to-earth manner, their financial fortune will be booming. For the Tigers who are engaged in business, their overall fortune will be pretty good in 2023. This year, as long as they can work boldly, they will achieve a great breakthrough in career, and their financial fortune will naturally become more and more prosperous. At the same time, they should take special care that they should be cautious about unwanted romance luck if they don’t want to suffer from financial losses. If they incur too many unwanted romance encounters, it will have a great impact on their financial fortune adversely. For female, better wear a yellow citrine bracelet with Tiger sign in 2023 to help bring good Feng Shui and rich in financial resources. And for male, better wear a Tiger’s eye bracelet with Tiger sign


Rating: 4 stars
People born under the zodiac animal sign of the Tiger will have a good career fortune in 2023. With the help of the auspicious star of "Wu Qu", they can get the guidance and help from patrons and their career will be promoted to a higher level. Although their career can develop very well in 2023, they still need to be cautious and low-key, avoid being high-profile when doing things, and avoid the involvement with villains. Otherwise, it will adversely have a great impact on their career. To improve the luck in career in 2023, better wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Tiger sign

Love Relationship

Rating: 4 stars
The Tigers will have a good fortune in love and relationship in 2023. The single Tigers can get the help of the star of "Tan Lang”, giving full play to their personal charm, and they can easily get rid of their single status. For the Tigers, 2023 will be a year of charm, but they still need to guard against the bad luck in unwanted romantic encounters. If they do not pay attention to the character and conduct of the significant other on their way to the selection of a spouse, it will be very likely to affect their own fortune in all aspects, and make them hurt in relationship and love. The relationship luck of the married Tigers will go relatively smooth in 2023. However, they still need to take care to spend more time with their significant other. They are suggested to wear a rose quartz bracelet with Tiger sign to attract good love or solve love and marriage crisis in 2023. 


Rating: 4 stars
The overall health fortune of the Tigers will be very good in 2023. They will be safe and sound this year, and there will be no major diseases. However, in 2023, they will be under the influence of the ominous star of "Tian Xing". So, this year there will be some minor health problems, especially in their liver, which should be taken special care of. They are also supposed to pay attention to the rest and sleep, and take care not to stay up late every day. Otherwise, it will have a great adverse impact on their livers. Meanwhile, they should take special care of their diet and quit the bad habit of smoking and drinking. They can wear a green agate bracelet with Tiger sign to keep good healthy in 2023. If they often drive, they’d better hang a Brass Copper Gourd Hu Lu Pendant in the car for Good Luck and Safe Driving in 2023. 

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